Wipro’s Virtual Gaming Studio accelerates game development anytime, anywhere.

Wipro’s first-in-its-class Virtual Gaming Studio (VGS) empowers studios and publishers to rapidly accelerate game development. The Studio supports game development and production operations leveraging a secure cloud platform and a global talent pool of developers anytime and from anywhere. 

VGS uses an integrated tech stack, a cloud-based development platform, gaming talent pool, and a continuous-release development methodology for speed and improved gamer experience. This cloud-based platform will ensure developers have best-of-breed game engines, art tools and integrated workflows to create and deliver high-quality games faster.

From accelerated game development and quality assurance to hyper localization of games, Wipro’s Virtual Gaming Studio provides a unified and integrated platform that leverages its 25 years of deep expertise in reimagining and enriching end-user experiences. Wipro's broad range of capabilities makes it well-positioned to both serve today's industry leaders and develop offerings for tomorrow's studios, developers, and publishers.

VGS enables you to:

Measure and maximize developer productivity 

As software development becomes increasingly complex, measuring developer productivity becomes even more important for DevOps teams. Developer productivity leads to exceptional and engaging games. Accelerate development and ensure high-quality outcomes with efficient development tools. 

VGS (built on AWS) is integrated with DevSecOps to optimize development and testing, simplify collaboration across studios and provide on-demand insights. VGS embraces agile methodologies, enabling iterative development and rapid feedback cycles, resulting in timely and successful game releases. 

Drive rapid AI-Driven Development

AI is essential in game development. Our industry-specific experience in AI can level up the gaming experience with:

  • AI-Driven Development
  • Player Behavior Analytics
  • Enhanced AR & VR
  • Anti-Cheat Solutions
  • AI-Based Testing and QA