The difference between real time and near-real time is a lifetime. Don’t miss a beat. Harness the full potential of data-driven operations with advanced IoT and edge computing powered by 5G and the cloud.

The Wipro FullStride Cloud IoT framework makes it easy for organizations to build and deploy IoT solutions at scale. This comprehensive platform provides a range of capabilities including device management, data ingestion, analytics and visualization to boost performance and maximize impact.

The Wipro Edge Solution Services Suite powered by 5G is a set of services that complement the Wipro FullStride Cloud IoT framework by providing edge computing capabilities. This suite includes edge device management, analytics, and security services, allowing organizations to process and analyze data closer to the source, reducing latency and improving overall system performance.

Together, the Wipro FullStride Cloud IoT framework and Edge Solution Services Suite provide a complete end-to-end solution for organizations looking to implement IoT and edge computing technologies in their operations.

Our Offerings

Wipro Smart i-Connect™ 

Accelerate digital transformation with a low-code, ready-to-deploy platform.

Wipro OTNxT™

Leverage data analytics to enhance service life cycle management for IoT and OT.

5G/ Edge

Harness the combined power of 5G and edge to reshape the digital landscape.

Smart Warehouse Drives Visibility for US Energy Company

Wipro helped a Fortune 500 organization realize its ambitions for a smart warehouse.

How a Semiconductor Manufacturer Built a Smart Warehouse

A top American manufacturer of semiconductor products reimagined its warehouse management with Wipro’s IoT solution.

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