Increasing demand for operational efficiency, agility, sustainability and resiliency is driving enterprises in manufacturing and other asset-heavy industries to reimagine their OT ecosystems. Companies have started using industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 to transform traditional industrial assets and workflows by introducing interconnectedness and data-driven decision making, and by building predictive and prescriptive capabilities. At the same time, these initiatives are allowing organizations to focus more on improving efficiency, worker safety and agility.

But for many enterprises, IT and OT still operate in siloes. Limited interoperability between the two systems can limit their capabilities, preventing businesses from harnessing the full potential of next-gen technologies like cloud, IoT, AI/ML and edge computing.

“Transforming Operational Technology Using Platform Services,” an IDC white paper sponsored by Wipro, details how to successfully converge IT and OT infrastructures and the long-term value of a platform-based OT solution. The paper also describes how to build a resilient OT cybersecurity framework and demonstrates several technology solutions through real-world case studies.

Featured in the Report

  • Market dynamics impacting OT ecosystems.
  • Key challenges related to IT/OT convergence and the need for interoperability.
  • How platform-based services from engineering service providers can address OT-related challenges and transform systems.
  • The need for a robust cybersecurity framework for OT.
  • Complementing OT with next-gen private connectivity delivered as a platform solution.
  • Details about the Wipro OTNxT platform and how it helps maximize the value of Industry 4.0.

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