Hello and welcome to the Wipro Information Page for PegaWorld 2024.  Learn more about our expertise with Pega, how process AI is advancing for every industry, and where other companies are delivering experiences that separate them from the pack.   

How Wipro Can Help

  • Advisory and Consulting: We’ll listen to your business needs and challenges and from there, we’ll determine our recommendations for your best path forward.
  • Process Analysis and Orchestration: With core capabilities in intelligent case management, process orchestration, AI, and robotic process automation, we’ll evaluate your existing processes to determine where we can save time and cost.
  • Managed services delivery & CoE establishment: Beyond the equipment, we’ll evaluate your existing information flow and detailed needs to determine where we can reduce, eliminate and optimize through managed services strategies.
  • Application Maintenance Support: Delivering customer analysis, support, and modernization through a variety of governance, enhancement, and change management methods.

Client Success

Why Pega + Wipro

In today’s fast paced landscape, adaptability is vital to business success. By blending strategy, design and technology, we help enterprise business deliver remarkable experiences that shape customer loyalty.

Redefine customer experiences for your business. Leverage one of the largest technology system integration teams, with unparalleled bench strength and unique capabilities using process AI, Generative AI, and other advanced technologies.

As our analyst friends like to say, our team can solve and deliver on some of the most complex enterprise needs.

Reach out to discover what’s possible today and into the future. To get in touch with us,  Click here