Customer is looking for efficient ways to improve the Order intake process keeping up with the pace of growth. They are unable to keep up with the growing demand and process the orders.

The customer challenges included a fragmented order management system involving a lot of manual work. The Order Processing team validated the incoming order and once approved it needed to be keyed-in to SAP. The SAP manual entry process was cumbersome and involved lot of data entry errors which reversed order back. The changes to orders was a cumbersome and error prone process. Since those were B2B orders involving multimillion booking value, the financial and satisfaction impact was very high. There were around 2500 orders/day and hence up to 60,000 line items to be processed daily.


Wipro was engaged as a strategic partner to optimize and automate order processing, in-transit order management and intelligent routing of shipment of customer’s products.

The salient features of the solution are:

  • Automatic intake of Customer Orders in multiple formats (EDI, CSV, json..) into Nike format and values cutting manual processing time
  • Validating order through different downstream system by leveraging Microservices and automatically augmenting the order to reduce manual effort
  • Full straight through processing of Order intake – Pega case management and Pega Robotics
  • BOT to fetch data from backend system for validations
  • BOT for data key-in to SAP for order processing
  • Exception management platform for addressing the order fallout scenario.
  • 2 Pega Robotics RDA bots deployed for data extraction from backend systems and SAP entry

Ambitions realized

Our Pega orchestrated Integrated solution provided the client with a seamless order processing capability with the following benefits:

  • 99% accuracy in the transactions processed by BOTs
  • Around 75% manual effort reduction
  • 90% of Sales Orders are STP (Straight Through Processed)