Disruptions in the transportation and logistics sector are occurring faster than ever. Geopolitical unrest, uncertain economic conditions, ever-evolving consumer expectations and accelerated innovation cycles are significant drivers of change for transportation and logistics players. These challenges are further compounded by a shortage of skilled workers (drivers, aircraft technicians and warehouse workers), operational inefficiencies at hub/warehouses, last-mile failed deliveries, asset maintenance, fragmented ecosystem, etc. As a result, travel, transport, and hospitality players are under constant pressure to strive for operational excellence. 

At Wipro, we believe engineering agility is a critical success factor to operational excellence across the value chain. It can reduce operating costs, drive efficiency to the bottom line and provide better customer service. Our engineering expertise and experience can help travel, transport and hospitality players innovate, change, and adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape, manage evolving disruptions, and transform into a future-ready organization.


Warehouse operations enabled and supported


Asset fleet tracking and management


Cost savings through process standardization

What We Do

Connected Ecosystem

  • Industry 4.0 Transformation
  • Digital Thread & PLM
  • IoT-Enabled Services & Connected Platform
  • Asset Maintenance & Performance Management
  • Sustainable Engineering 

Workforce Experience

  • Connected Worker
  • Smart Facility and Workspace Management
  • Intelligent Devices with High-speed Scanning
  • AI-Embedded for Intelligence
  • Worker/Driver Health & Safety

Customer Experience

  • Smart Track & Trace Solution
  • Connected Fleet Management
  • Last-Mile Delivery Solution
  • Resilient Supply Chain
  • Intelligent & Private LLM

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