Wipro has spent more than 20 years perfecting the delivery of major technology programs for some of Australia’s largest organisations. In that time, we’ve grown and transformed alongside our clients. Born in India, we are now a truly global company. We can tap into great diversity and depth from all pockets of the world, to scale and help our clients solve complex challenges. But we also recognise the need for us to be more local.

We’re in the midst of a new transformation, one that will see us deliver a faster, more agile, more local offering on a global scale. We’re investing in local leadership, fresh thinking, and capabilities around the world, and ANZ is a key market for us. We’re making strategic acquisitions, rethinking traditional resourcing models, and investing in the talent, technology, and domain that will strengthen our service to our clients.

Our recent acquisition of Ampion, the growth of our local consulting team, our six local labs, and our onboarding of new graduates are all examples of our commitment to being more local. At the same time, we continue to be inspired by and committed to our philanthropic roots. While technology can be a force for positive change, we do not rely on the virtue of technology alone to help our communities thrive. We put our profits where our purpose is. We are the only technology company that invests 67% of our profits directly into charitable programs that help vulnerable communities access health and education across the developing world.

Social good is in our DNA. Now is the time for bold action

For over 75 years, Wipro has operated as a purpose-driven company with an unwavering commitment to our customers and our communities.

Securing Australia. The Australian Cyber Strategy

Understand Wipro’s perspective on the 2023 – 2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy and get insights to help your organisation navigate the evolving cyber security landscape effectively.

Quality Engineering and Testing

Quality Engineering & Testing makes the difference between success and sudden failure. Wipro’s Quality Engineering & Testing Services ensure there are no surprises when applications get into the hands of users.

Our Focus

Focused on both the private and public sectors, we’re keen on providing innovative digital transformation that benefits employees, customers, and stakeholders. Our access to global experience means that we arrive, in collaboration with our clients, on the best in digital business transformational solutions that meet their current needs and prepare them for the future. We’re proud of our diverse teams, which focus on exploring opportunities with innovation, responsiveness, and agility. We partner with more than 200 clients across industries, creating value and contributing to their successes.

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

Public Sector, Education, and Health

Energy, Natural Resources, and Utilities

Communications, Media, and Technology

Retail and Consumer industries

News and Insights

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University of Canberra

How to Build a Diverse Workforce and Inclusive Culture

Wipro to acquire Ampion, leading Australian provider of cyber security, DevOps and quality engineering services

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Local Presence

We understand that IT is not just about the Cloud or cool technology. In the end, it’s about people, employees, and customers and, with over 2000 of our own people on the ground in Australia and more than 4,000 colleagues who focus on our clients in India, we’re all about making your (and their) experience better. Our Australian offices also hold some awesome Innovation Labs that allow us to collaborate on projects with our clients and partners in safe and secure spaces. These include our state-of-the-art Wipro Automation Lab and Cyber Defence Center in Melbourne and the Wipro - AWS Launch Pad in Sydney. Team these with our Wipro companies DesignIT and recently acquired cybersecurity and testing business Ampion, and we have a lot to offer.

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