WaterNSW is responsible for operating NSW’s rivers and 41 major water supply dams, and supplies more than two-thirds of the water used across NSW. The impact of climate change means that managing this precious resource has never been more complex or important. Wipro’s partnership with WaterNSW has delivered a real-time intelligent data ecosystem that ensures better decisions are made faster, and customer experience is elevated.

Challenges and ambitions

WaterNSW are experts in the delivery of untreated water and services required by local communities, industries, and primary producers to help them grow and thrive. It owns and operates the largest surface and groundwater monitoring network in the southern hemisphere, and builds, maintains and operates essential infrastructure.

WaterNSW is committed to maximising water security for the future economic and environmental prosperity of communities and ecosystems, to create sustainable and healthy water systems to support thriving communities, for generations to come.

WaterNSW needs to turn huge volumes of data into meaningful insights to comply with regulatory reporting requirements in a timely manner and deliver accurate information to its customers. The organisation also deals with environmental challenges including droughts, flooding and population growth which means the need for transparent, real-time decisions about water management is more critical than ever.

An intelligent real-time data ecosystem

Wipro delivered a persona-first solution, which not only collected and managed data in a single platform, but also brought automation and intelligence to tasks that were previously performed manually.

The solution uses the very latest Microsoft Azure cloud-based tools, technologies, and infrastructure to re-engineer water system monitoring and operations. IoT devices collect information in real time and the new platform captures, protects and manages this data to power decision support systems and processes for leveraging scale, agility, and speed.

WaterNSW decision makers, including data scientists, system operators and water monitoring officers are now able to access a single platform to get insights for decisions about everything from managing water levels in dams to minimise the impact of flooding, through to maintaining water quality to filtration plants, and managing water licensing for farming, mining and industrial use.

WaterNSW’s ambitions realised

Wipro helped WaterNSW to advance its digital transformation efforts and unlock greater value from its data.

Ian Robinson

Chief Information Officer
(2018 – 2023)

The benefits are profound. It saves time, allows us to make better decisions, provides data in real time, reduces cost and helps us model the future of our water resource. It’s like giving the water a voice.

Data collection and management have been automated and streamlined, greater transparency and actionable insights are delivered in real time, and operational processes have been vastly improved. This significantly improves the customer experience as WaterNSW can more easily detect anomalies and take preventative action. Customers can also access the platform directly as part of a self-service model and get data and insights when and where they need them.

WaterNSW’s operational costs have decreased significantly and regulatory reports are now delivered in a more timely, efficient and transparent manner. The organisation’s carbon footprint has also been reduced as thousands of annual field visits are no longer required and water operations are managed with the assistance of real-time dashboards.

WaterNSW employees have been freed up to focus on better forecasting and future modelling, increasing community engagement, improving the resilience of water resources and systems, and more efficiently managing scarce water resources now and into the future.

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