Wipro FullStride Cloud Services’ Quality Engineering and Testing services ensure high performance and security in a cloud-centric world.

The practice covers the end-to-end (E2E) testing lifecycle — from enterprise tech apps and package apps to phygital and hardware infrastructure, from SAP to Salesforce. Teams leverage DevSecOps to foster collaboration between development, security, and operations functions, fully ingreating security and quality assurance throughout. 

Wipro’s Gen AI-driven testing enhances the tester experience across 60+ Gen AI use cases, optimizing scenario planning, scale executions, and integration with CI/CD pipelines. 

Collaboration with the Wipro Ventures ecosystem connects businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve, while Wipro’s automation excellence, powered by AI and GenAI, leads to more agile, secure, and exceptional product experiences.

Our Offerings

Microservices and Cloud-Native Testing

Elevate your E2E testing of microservices architecture for successful cloud modernization.

Quality Engineering Consulting Services

Blueprint your future-ready roadmap for transforming and elevating quality assurance landscape.

Performance Testing and Engineering

Ensure an exceptional application performance which is scalable & reliable resulting in outstanding user experience.

Quality as a Service

Achieve business outcomes with consumption based, integrated, scalable, flexible quality assurance services.

Test Environment Management and Data Assurance

Enhance QA outcomes with secure, stable and reliable testing infrastructure.


Gen AI centric intelligent quality powered by Wipro’s Ai360. 

Digital Assurance

Safeguard your digital transformation ensuring exceptional performance, reliability and security quality engineering at speed.

Test Automation

Embark on your testing journey with Wipro’s AI-driven enterprise grade intelligent automation, enhancing scalability and ROI.

Product and Package Assurance

SaaS application assurance for business processes & domain specific solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure Testing

E2E testing infrastructures to ensure seamless performance in distributed architectures on cloud.

MLOps Assurance 

Tap into the complete experience of your AI/ML driven applications with a strategic assurance framework and our cutting-edge testing methodologies.


Complete controllability and transparency of your IT architecture aligning to your business process preventing downtime.


Our Success Stories

A Logistics Firm Improves IT Reliability with Full-Stack Observability

Traditional IT monitoring techniques are not enough for today’s complex cloud environments.

Wipro helps Liberty in accelerating product rollout

Kholofelo Maketa speaks about how Wipro assured the seamless integration of Liber8, a brand new financial service.

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