In today’s complex business environment, organizations are seeking to accelerate their adoption of AI/Gen AI while addressing potential challenges related to data governance and compliance, latency, costs, controlled scaling, and performance.

The Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform facilitates the integration and connection of diverse data sources and systems within an organization. This solution provides tools, large language models (proprietary and open source) and processes to accelerate the development and implementation of AI/Gen AI across enterprises with a suitable landing zone – data center, private, cloud (multi and hybrid) and edge. This integration enables organizations to leverage the full potential of their data to enhance business transformation strategies.

Wipro's Your Data, Your Model, Your IP approach focuses on empowering businesses to develop their own AI and data systems that maximize impact in alignment with long-term business objectives. The Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform leverages the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI framework to contextual insights based on KBs, SOPs, ticketing data, threat and patching compliance.

Built in partnership with Wipro FullStride Cloud’s industry-leading AI partner ecosystem using open technology, the Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform delivers value by providing control, choice and flexibility. 

Our Offerings

Gen AI Consultancy and Advisory 

Our consultants analyze your current infrastructure and define a custom execution plan to fully embrace GenAI.

Gen AI Model Development and Integration

Run specific AI training models and optimize resources to accelerate adoption.

Ops and Data Services

Integrate data sources and storage optimization controls to enhance data quality data.

Gen AI Foundation Services

Offer leading-edge solutions with a GenAI software stack that includes data, AI workbench and governance capabilities. 

Next Gen Infrastructure Services

Easily deploy AI-ready infrastructure across landing zones, leveraging the full capabilities of Wipro’s partner ecosystem. 

Wipro AI Control Center

Across industries, businesses are recognizing the tremendous potential of GenAI, yet many struggle to successfully integrate the technology. 

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