Migrating business applications to the cloud can be tremendously valuable. It can also bring unexpected challenges. Workloads distributed across hybrid and multi-cloud environments are often difficult to track and maintain, resulting in overprovisioning, underutilization, inflated utility costs and increased carbon emissions.

To make the most of IT investments enterprises need full visibility and control of everything that goes on throughout their entire cloud environment.

Wipro SLICE is an AI-powered cost and impact management suite of solutions designed to provide the visibility and insights teams need to truly optimize their IT performance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Combining AI and machine learning, Wipro SLICE offers a picture of the entire IT landscape. Teams can easily access details about performance, resource utilization, environmental impact.

Wipro SLICE also offers a full suite of services and tools for FinOps, Capacity and Performance management, GreenOps, Cost avoidance, and License management. Together, these features help enterprises enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime, reduce risks, and provide a more reliable, responsive IT infrastructure. 

Our Offerings

Capacity Management

Leverage AI and machine learning to scale platform infrastructure, avoid over-provisioning, and optimize performance. 

Performance Management

Get a comprehensive view of application performance including resourcing, risks, and provisioning.


Optimize utility consumption, carbon emissions and waste management in line with sustainability goals.

Cloud – FinOps

Maximize cloud value with data-driven insights on show-back, charge-back, and more.

Cloud-Native Solutions (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Access solutions from leading cloud services providers to optimize resourcing and performance from end to end.

Cost Avoidance - SDX, VDI, HCI

Unlock greater efficiencies and software-defined everything through infrastructure modernization.

Generative AI

Get on-demand insights from structured and unstructured data for greater clarity and faster decision making.

IOPS - Storage Optimization

Optimize storage resources in energy efficient manner and I/O OPS with advanced capabilities beyond cloud-native.

License Management (SLM)

Get end-to-end support for everything from forecasting to procurement to license optimization.


Quickly convert insights into action with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and personalized dashboards.

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