We’re here to help you elevate your business through remarkable experiences designed for customers and employees.  Leveraging low code/no code platforms like Appian, we will reduce risk and streamline workflows across the team, across the business, across branches. Discover improved business operations and outcomes, reduced costs, faster response times and improved go to market timing. These are the components of a resilient business that will stand strong during shifting economies.  Learn more below.

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Capabilities and Solutions

  • Advisory and Consulting: We’ll listen to your business needs and challenges and from there, we’ll determine our recommendations for your best path forward.
  • Process Analysis and Orchestration: With core capabilities in intelligent case management, process orchestration, AI, and robotic process automation, we’ll evaluate your existing processes to determine where we can save time and cost.
  •  Managed services delivery & CoE establishment: Beyond the equipment, we’ll evaluate your existing information flow and detailed needs to determine where we can reduce, eliminate and optimize through managed services strategies.
  •  Application Maintenance Support: Delivering customer analysis, support, and modernization through a variety of governance, enhancement, and change management methods.

Client Success

What’s Possible: Banking and Customer Onboarding

Why Appian + Wipro

In today’s fast paced landscape, adaptability is the key. We blend strategy, design and technology to deliver solutions at remarkable speed, helping you stay ahead of evolving customer expectations.

Redefine customer experiences by combining Wipro’s strategic insights and proven customization together with Appian’s supreme low code, no code platform.  We also craft immersive customer experiences using cutting edge technology tied to adaptability that will strengthen every business.

Tap in to more than 50 years of proven success with leading brands across most industries. We design and implement experiences that help any organization thrive.  Using proven technology, advanced and emerging technology, and sharp development minds that know how to achieve the impossible in business.  Our clients are loyal as we’ve built many decades of success together – resulting in market share growth.

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