The client was planning to conduct a Clinical Survey, which is a vital component of the Patient Medication Program (PMP). The survey was facing significant hurdles as the current tool proved to be non-user-friendly, lacking essential functionalities, and had an inefficient workflow. With the aim of making the survey process seamless and efficient, the client reached out to Wipro.


Developed a new Survey Application with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring healthcare professionals can efficiently navigate the platform. Enabled the ability to reference previous call information of patients, enhancing the quality of patient interactions & providing comprehensive care.

Ambitions realized

  • 35% improvement has been observed in operational efficiency of critical clinical surveys and patient journey management.
  • 25% decrease in cycle time for speciality drug development because of on time stakeholder collaboration & just-in-time based event intimation
  • 60% reduction in manual effort due to automated IDP framework driven data extraction from hand-written as well as digital clinical prescription¬†