With growing demand, the ETO process for the German auto parts maker had started to falter. This resulted in large amounts of paper-work, follow-ups and disconnected stock information. The client thus wanted to optimize tracking and tracing order status process which required optimization of multiple systems.


Standardized well-orchestrated workflow

  • Tracking performed at sub-component level
  • Early ordering of components at the planning stage
  • Synchronizing sub-component completion to component completion to order completion
  • SLA management with multi-level escalation matrix


  • Centralized dashboard with capability to drill down from order summary to the sub-component level with rolled-up status views
  • Using Appian responsive UI for dashboard

Event-based Integration

  • Push based integration with tooling / material/ production line systems

Ambitions realized

  • 75% reduction observed in order processing cycle time due to end-to-orchestration over enterprise siloed systems.
  • 30% manual effort reduction by centralized process repository with end-to-end visibility from order-to-delivery integrated with central & plants systems, extendable design to handle future requirements.
  • 50% improvement in efficiency of delivering finished goods on time by early identification of material/tool ordering requirement at the planning stage and checking material availability within stock inventory system automatically.