The client wanted to prioritize auditability and traceability as the EUCs (End User Computing apps) posed a risk of fraud and error for the client. These apps were an essential part of their financial operations and allowed end users to manage, control and manipulate the data efficiently. The client was called out by regulatory body for non-compliance and had to transform 1700's of EUC's to comply with the regulatory deadline.


  • Powered by our proprietary EUC automation platform built on Appian, we provided the client with 100% configurable approach to rapidly move EUCs from a manual, email and spreadsheet-centric process to an open-architecture based IT application.
  • The entire financial process and financial results are run on Wipro's EUC automation platform.

Ambitions realized

  • 100% configurable & reusable framework,
  • 50% faster than traditional approaches (from months to weeks) with 90% + low code development and almost 90% production run compliance
  • Client was able to meet its regulatory requirement avoid millions of $ in fines.