After years of looking to cloud mainly as a way to boost efficiency and cut costs, enterprises are finally realizing that cloud can address more business-focused challenges such as scalability, data management, new ways of working and the adoption of new technologies.

This shift in focus has opened new doors for businesses. It has also paved the way for new challenges. 

Hybrid- and multi-cloud environments are enabling enterprises to customize cloud environments to meet their unique business needs, but these complex environments can be difficult to manage, preventing many enterprises from making the most of their cloud investments. Before enterprises can make the most of hybrid-cloud environments, they need to learn how to streamline services and manage them effectively.

“Driving Business Results with Cloud Transformation” shows how technology partners are empowering enterprises to navigate these transformations, transforming their cloud and underlying network capabilities for greater control over their hybrid-cloud environments. The report focuses on as-a-service solutions from Wipro and Cisco that enable enterprise clients to “create customized cloud journeys based upon individual business needs and goals,” giving them “a cloud-like experience from a costing perspective for their entire IT infrastructure.”

“Global business leaders,” the report states, “outperform competitors with prudent yet bold initiatives.” Read the full report to learn how cloud leaders are tapping technology partners to support such bold moves, enabling them to reduce operating costs, boost planning and decision-making, and improve risk management and compliance efforts .

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