In an era where innovation is paramount, Wipro, in partnership with Google Cloud, is proud to introduce a groundbreaking approach to Generative AI, designed to transform the landscape of business solutions. Leveraging the power of Google Cloud's advanced AI technologies and Wipro's industry-leading expertise along with a dedicated center of excellence, we are set to redefine what's possible. Together, we are delivering solutions that enhance operational efficiency, innovate product development and improve customer experience.

Accelerate your innovation journey with Wipro’s Generative AI Framework and AI Studio offering expert consulting and engineering services in large language models (LLMs) and related technologies. We deliver exceptional AI value through a diverse portfolio of robust accelerators, meticulously designed to tackle real world challenges faced by global enterprises. Experience transformation at scale and unlock new opportunities with our advanced AI solutions.

Rapid GenAI Prototypes

Accelerate deployment with ready-to-use applications like investor onboarding chatbots and intelligent email automation.

FullStride Cloud Studio’s GenAI Lab

Bring bold ideas to life with help from the AI Innovation Lab and Creative Workshop.

Strategic Consulting and Planning

Maximize impact with AI frameworks and strategies shaped by experts from Wipro and Google.

Our Solutions

Wipro AI Contact Center Agent Insight

Empower contact center agents to instantly find solutions and documents, resolving customer tickets faster.

Wipro AI Loan Assist

Streamline loan origination with instant processing, minimizing response times and alleviating workloads.

Wipro AI Email Navigator

Tackle contact center bottlenecks with real-time email traffic monitoring and task reduction.

Wipro AI Investor Intelligence

Connect investors with personalized recommendations and instant responses to investment queries.

Wipro AI Health Assist

Instantly connect health insurance customers with policy information.

Wipro AI-Ready Business Insight

Leverage GenAI to easily access data insights, translating natural language queries into actionable SQL. 

Wipro AI Research Pro

Unlock insights from over 50 research documents through LLM search, summarized results, speech-to-text, and more, empowering research exploration.

Wipro AI Supply Chain Analyzer

Generate deeper insights from internal and external data to optimize supply chain costs, achieve real-time inventory visibility, and improve delivery times.

Wipro AI Marketing Pro

Collaborate with AI to craft product slogans, pitches, social media posts and product images with little more than a brief description.

Wipro AI Codey Dev Assistant

Streamline code reviews and documentation processes with this developer assistant powered by Google Generative AI and the "Codey" model.

Wipro AI Auto Fleet Optimizer

Streamline enterprise search across more than 50 documents  for more efficient SDLC workflows with seamless auto-tracking  of requirements, code, and test cases.

Wipro AI News Brief

Extract key points and generate concise summaries from complex, multimedia content.

Wipro AI Supply Chain Analyzer

Leverage internal and external data to optimize supply chain performance, achieve real-time inventory visibility and improve delivery times.

Our Capabilities Empowering Tomorrow, Together 


Enabling chatbots with multimodal understanding, legal drafting, and personalized marketing for enterprise transformation

Vertex AI

AI solutions for support, data insights, multilingual chatbots, and customer experience enhancement through automation & NLP

AI Studio/ Wipro Generative AI Framework

Innovate, Create, Transform

AI Academy

Nurture & upskill talent with curated training for enterprise Gen AI

AI Privacy & Governance

Empowering AI with Privacy & Governance for a trusted tomorrow/Safeguarding data & ensuring trust

Case Studies

Three Impactful GenAI Strategies for Financial Services

The technical advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and generative AI (GenAI) are moving fast. For most of 2023, GenAI dominated the news.

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