Client: Leading North American Medical Devices Company

Industry: Healthcare

Solution: Conversational BI Assistant on GCP. This GenAI-based solution enables business users with little knowledge of SQL to query and derive value out of data existing in relational databases using natural conversation-based queries. The solution converts the queries into SQL, pulls data from the database, and present the data in tabular as well as graphical formats.

Key Technologies: Google Cloud’s LLM, Code Bison Generative AI model, Text Bison Generative AI model, enterprise guardrails 

Target Audience: CXOs and GMs 


The client sought to empower their sales agents with a conversational assistant capable of generating SQL queries through natural language processing. This assistant was designed to streamline the process of obtaining sales insights, which traditionally required expert intervention and was time-consuming. 


Previously, the client’s reliance on complex, manually written SQL queries hindered their ability to swiftly derive data-driven sales insights. The existing legacy systems were cumbersome, necessitating frequent adjustments to the SQL queries by experts. The goal was to eliminate the dependency on manual SQL query writing and expedite the retrieval of actionable sales data. 


Wipro developed a standalone solution built on Google Cloud’s LLM, tailored to handle natural language requests from users. This innovative assistant transformed these requests into SQL queries, extracted insights from the sales data, and presented the results in a comprehensible format, enhanced with relevant charts and graphs. The solution incorporated the Code Bison and Text Bison Generative AI models, alongside enterprise guardrails for responsible AI implementation and deflection logic for managing irrelevant queries. 


The implementation yielded transformative results:

  • Accelerated Insight Extraction: Sales teams significantly reduced the time required to derive actionable insights from raw data. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: The conversational assistant provided immersive, human-like interactions, improving user satisfaction. 
  • Improved Sales Planning: The conversational assistant enhanced the overall efficiency of sales strategy planning and target setting. 


The strategic integration of GenAI models and enterprise guardrails revolutionized the client’s approach to sales strategy planning. This case study highlights how targeted technological solutions, particularly those leveraging GenAI, can address specific business challenges, resulting in substantial improvements in performance metrics and overall business outcomes.