Wipro Holmes, with its AI-powered customizable solutions,
empowers business leaders across the C-Suite and in every
major industry to deliver new or improved products or
services by applying augmented intelligence you can trust.

Our proven AI platform allows you to reimagine
processes, accelerate growth, and be at the
forefront of transformation.

Bring business users the power to build and deploy
AI solutions in a fast, scalable, and trustable environment.

Synthesize innovative augmented intelligence capabilities
to make smarter and human-centric decisions – decisions
that are data-led, effective, responsible, and synchronous with your business.

Levi Strauss & Co. Supercharge FP&A with Wipro Holmes

Levi Strauss & Co. leveraged Holmes to supercharge its revenue forecasting.

Transcell Oncologics Advance Vaccines with Wipro Holmes

Transcell combined stem cell research with Holmes to improve vaccine safety and development.

Toronto Airports Improve Customer Experience with Wipro Holmes

Wipro Holmes automated and upgraded core operations at Canada’s busiest airport.

Shape Business Outcomes

Accelerate performance and growth across your business.

Human-Centered AI

Transformative interactions designed to empower and engender trust.

Improve IT compliance while reducing outages

Intelligence innovation that mitigates risk, ensures compliance and detects emerging issues.

More Intelligent Business Processes

Reimagine efficiencies and increase productivity.

Rated a Leader in Everest PEAK Matrix

Enterprise scale AI empowering business leaders from vision to innovation.

Work with an extensive, integrated AI Ecosystem

AI investments, innovation and best practices maximized through leading alliances, partners and startups.

Holmes for Trustworthy AI.

AI is rapidly being adopted by organizations around the world,
but if AI decisions are biased, unfair, or lack explainability,
the implications can be detrimental.

That's where 'Holmes for Trustworthy AI' comes in - a 360º framework
for organizations to address biases and ensure trustworthiness and
transparency of AI models.

Having the right ally gives
you the confidence to get
ahead and stay ahead.

Transform your business with
augmented intelligence solutions.

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