Enterprise AI Solutions: Wipro's Vision for GenAI's Future

Uncover the future of GenAI with Wipro's VP of Cloud Applications, Ramu Padmanabhan. In this exclusive interview, explore the breakthroughs of 2023, focusing on Chapt GPT's impact and the collaboration between NVIDIA and VMware in AI subsets.

Key Insights from the video:

  • Infrastructure Evolution: Learn about the convergence of large Compute, Networking, and the power of NVIDIA-GPU and VMware orchestration.
  • The Brain Behind Investments: Understand the crucial role of Large Language Model providers in making AI private and unique for enterprises.
  • Developer Evolution: Explore the engineering practices evolving around AI development, deployment, and responsible AI integration.
  • Application Uniqueness: Witness the emergence of unique horizontal and vertical domain applications, including healthcare, CPT, and manufacturing.
  • Data's Crucial Role: Discover how large constructed datasets are shaping the future of AI applications.

The Next 2-5 Years: Gain insights into the inflection point where AI apps will collaborate with existing vendors in a Maker-Checker model, ensuring quality and accuracy.

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