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European Manufacturers Thrive on Cloud

New insights report - What European Manufacturing Companies Can Learn from the Cloud Leaders.

The Cloud Leadership Benchmarking Tool

See how you stack up against the competition

Enter the manufacturing metaverse

How metaverse will revolutionize business models and explore limitless possibilities across the value chain.

Manufacturing 2025: Bolder vision, stronger purpose

Interesting perspectives on digital led transformation embraced by leading manufacturers and a view into their innovation journeys.

Cloud powered digital backbone

A cloud-powered digital backbone is essential for digital transformation, enabling organizations to improve innovation & customer experience.

5G for Smart Manufacturing: Unlocking enterprise transformation journeys

Manufacturers will use 5G connectivity to leverage technologies such as automation, AI/ML, Internet of Things (IoT), AR/VR, and robotics, enabling them to move toward the ‘Factory of the Future’.

Smart Service Management: Driver for Higher Customer Lifetime Value

A modern, smart approach to service management, enabled by digital technologies and measured by customer lifetime value, is key to achieving sustainable growth within the service business

Digitally Transform an Organization from Sales to Revenue Management

The difference between Transforming and Implementing Quote-To-Cash & Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM).
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Industrial & Process Manufacturing

Enable Digital transformation with superior customer experience as the key goal


Leverage breakthrough technologies to meet customer needs of comfort, convenience, performance and enhanced safety