Utilities companies see sudden surge in energy demand due to events such as unplanned grid failures or maintenance, sporting events, or weather changes. The Energy Procurement Executive identifies an optimized procurement scenario using combination of options. These combinations include renewable energy, long-term contracts, the spot market, and Demand Side Response (DSR), among others. The executive takes into account contract terms (system data and SharePoint documents) and prevailing market price. The selected scenario maintains a fine balance between  cost of procurement and demand fulfilment, ensuring minimal disruption to their consumers.

Key pain points include:

  • Laborious and highly manual process for procurement executive to identify and analyze data points in order to arrive at an optimized procurement strategy. This strategy must consider policy constraints and market volatility, and involves scanning both structured and unstructured data.
  • High dependency on smart and trained energy executives to understand various procurement policies and to capitalize on learnings from similar events in the past.
  • Lack of visibility and clarity on the rationale of procurement options for the wider organization.

Our GenAI-based solution on SAP BTP provides an interactive conversational solution. This solution suggests optimal electricity procurement options for forecasted demand triggered due to various types of  events. It articulates calculations, provides ranking and rationale considering procurement policies, and incorporates learnings from similar events in the past. The solution also provides flexibility to procurement executive to simulate a custom scenario and trigger a workflow to obtain approvals from the required stakeholders.

Deployable, Adopt & Adapt DigiAssist Solution for Energy Procurement

Implementation Accelerators for Faster GenAI Adoption

Comes with GenAI Document Trainer, Automatic GenAI Prompt Creator and Workflow patterns for approval.

Demo, Deploy Adopt & Adapt

We will demo and deploy our solution, assess additional needs, and customize.

Solution Features

  • Event specific rules based on combination of procurement options, Contract Terms and prevailing price
  • Chat BOT for procurement executive to enter requirements and receive details
  • Descriptive answer via Gen AI to procurement executive, provide ranking considering results of historical events and provide rationale
  • Ability for procurement executive to simulate a custom scenario and trigger a workflow to get approvals from required stakeholders
  • Role based Workflow to mange approvals for exceptions with clear track and Trace
  • Work area for procurement executive to manage events and maintain closure details of event which becomes inputs for model

 What we offer:

  • Reduced dependency on experienced procurement Executive
  • Improved Tracking, Governance and Auditability

10-15% reduction in procurement cost

Increase in Demand Fulfillment

Reduction of Non-compliant Procurement

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