A successful cloud-based business transformation requires solutions with industry-specific best practices and AI readiness built in.

Cloud technology has the power to revolutionize businesses, enabling them to embrace AI and other emerging technologies. According to McKinsey, cloud transformations could generate an astounding $3 trillion in value by 2030. These transformations are driven by factors such as innovation-led growth and accelerated product development. Cloud transformation is the key to unlocking improved collaboration, real-time analytics, and the agility to pivot in response to market demands.

As the cloud continues to evolve, businesses must harness its capabilities strategically. This report, a combined effort of Wipro, Oracle, and MIT Technology Review Insights, provides a roadmap for leveraging cloud technology to drive innovation, scalability, and agility.

Unlocking Potential with Cloud

Discover how cloud computing transcends traditional IT constraints, offering a springboard for business transformation. It’s a gateway to harnessing the full potential of both traditional and generative AI, propelling your organization into a future of endless possibilities.

Tailored Solutions for Every Sector

Grasp the essence of sector-specific cloud solutions—meticulously designed to address the unique challenges of your industry. From stringent compliance to robust data security, our cloud solutions ensure scalability that aligns with your business objectives.

AI-Ready Infrastructure

Step into the world of AI with our cloud solutions that provide an AI-ready infrastructure. Prepare your enterprise to integrate cutting-edge technological capabilities seamlessly into your existing workflows, fostering innovation and competitive edge.

Ready to Transform?

Download this report now to unlock how you can make your cloud transformation journey successful. Equip your business with the insights to navigate the cloud landscape confidently, optimistically, and with a clear vision for the future.

Key Contributors

Deviprasad Rambhatla

Senior Vice President and Global Head for Oracle Practice


Balasubramanian Ramalingam

Head of Presales and Consulting, Oracle Practice


Vinod Mamtani

Vice President and General Manager, Generative AI Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure