Enabling Innovation in Data Storage

Wipro and Pure Storage combine advanced strategies and capabilities in data management, cloud, and next-gen technologies to help clients maximize business value while minimizing deployment risk.

As a leading developer of all-flash data storage hardware and software products, Pure Storage enables the real-time, secure data processing necessary for critical operations like DevOps and multi-cloud analytics. Wipro’s consultancy expertise and capabilities in cloud, AI and other advanced technologies streamline deployment and help clients harness the full potential of their data. 

The partnership’s 360-degree relationship is designed to deliver industry-leading data performance, compression, and an elastic, always-on approach to disaster recovery that reduces storage costs while increasing data availability with less than 1ms latency.

Partner Level

Global System Integrator Partner for Pure Storage


 Outcome based Transformation in a Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem

Partner Award

Pure Storage GSI Innovation Partner of the Year 2022-23


Cloud-Native Apps Anywhere

Deliver consistent user experience with data that is always available and automatically protected, powered by Portworx.

Container Aware Database Platform (CDBP)

Modernize of existing legacy assets as well as on any cloud anywhere, empowering DevOps teams to deliver data availability, mobility, automation and security, powered by Portworx. 

Autonomous Intelligent Storage Operation

Achieve simplicity through automation and a consumption model with performance-focused SLAs.

Wipro VirtuaDesk Powered by Pure Storage

Build a fully managed live workplace environment with on-demand, scalable services and flexible pay-per-desktop pricing

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Wipro Wins Pure Storage GSI Innovation Partner of the Year 2022-23

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