In today's competitive business environment, balancing innovation with achieving operational efficiencies has become paramount. However, the persistent shortage of specialized talent in Finance, Accounting, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Employee Operations compounds these challenges. Businesses face a critical dilemma as they strive to optimize operations while contending with the scarcity of skilled professional’s adept at managing complex and diverse global needs.

Wipro’s Intelligent Operations Management transforms how businesses approach functional outsourcing. Leveraging the power of ServiceNow, seamlessly integrating Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Employee Operations, IOM creates a single system of engagement and innovation. With a focus on value creation and optimized workflows, this approach empowers businesses to navigate complexities, drive efficiency, and unlock unparalleled potential in a globally competitive landscape.

Experience the value of functional outsourcing.


  • Talent @Scale
    Access specialized talent through outsourced services, bridging skill gaps and enhancing the capabilities of your internal teams.
  • Process Standardization
    Implement standardized processes across business lines, geographic regions, ensuring consistency and optimizing operational performance.
  • Cost Optimization
    Consolidate and control spending across departments and regions, reducing unnecessary expenditures and maximizing budget utilization.
  • Increased Efficiency
    Streamline processes through automated workflows while minimizing manual interactions.
  • Global Visibility
    Real-time Analytics and Dashboards - Gain comprehensive insights into global operations through a centralized analytics dashboard, increasing agile decision-making capabilities.
  • Risk Mitigation
    Standard Compliance Monitoring Tools - monitor compliance and mitigate risks across diverse regulatory environments, safeguarding operations.
  • Customer-Centric Operations
    Enhanced Service Delivery - Deliver superior customer experiences by aligning operations with customer-centric strategies, improving satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Generational Technology Shifts
    Integrate cutting-edge technologies such as Generative AI to drive innovation and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

One Platform to Optimize Core Business Functions

Intelligent Operations Management

Intelligent Operations Management Empowers the C-Suite

Streamlined processes, enhanced insights, and proactive decision-making.

Intelligent Operations Management

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