Corporate Information

What does Wipro do?

Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO) is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company. We harness the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help our clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, we have over 180,000 dedicated employees serving clients across six continents. Together, we discover ideas and connect the dots to build a better and a bold new future.

When was Wipro incorporated?

Wipro Limited was incorporated on December 29, 1945, as Western India Vegetable Products Limited under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913. The company began business as a vegetable oil manufacturer in 1945 in Amalner, Maharashtra, India and later expanded into manufacturing soaps and other consumer care products. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Wipro further expanded into the IT industry in India. It began selling personal computers in India in 1985. In the 1990s, Wipro leveraged its hardware expertise and also began offering our clients software services. Wipro is one of the pioneers of the Global Delivery Model.

Where is Wipro located?

Wipro’s headquarters is in Bangalore, India and it has operations across North America, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

What is the address of the registered office of Wipro?

Wipro’s registered office is located at Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560 035, and the telephone number of our registered office is +91-80-2844-0011. The website is

Who is on Wipro’s Board of Directors?

A list of Wipro’s board members with their biographies can be found here.

When does Wipro’s financial year end?

Wipro Limited’s financial year ends on March 31.

Who is Wipro’s auditor?

Statutory auditors – Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP

Share Information

When was Wipro’s Initial Public Offer (IPO)?

Wipro’s Initial Public Offering was in the year 1946. In October 2000, Wipro raised gross aggregate proceeds of approximately US$131 million in initial U.S. public offering of its American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) on the New York Stock Exchange.

On which stock exchanges does Wipro trade and what are the codes?






Stock Exchange




Exchange Code




What is Wipro’s ISIN code? 

Wipro’s ISIN code is INE075A01022

What is the history of bonus issues and stock split at Wipro?

Please refer the current Annual report for the details

What is the Dividend history at Wipro?

Please refer the current  Annual report  for the details

What is the expected date of announcement of financial results for the upcoming quarters?

The expected date of announcement of financial results for the upcoming quarters can be found under the heading ‘Earnings release date’ here -

Does the company have quiet periods?

Yes. Wipro follows quiet periods prior to its earnings release every quarter. During the quiet period, the company or any of its officials will not discuss earnings expectations with any external parties. Based on the tentative dates of the earnings release, the tentative quiet periods can be found under the heading ‘Earnings release date’ here:

When was the AGM of previous years held?

AGM for Financial Year Ended March 31, 2020 was held on July 13, 2020

Does the company organize any analyst day?

The company organizes an analyst day in India and US periodically. Both the buy-side and sell-side are invited to the analyst day. The archive of the event can be found here. -

Where can I obtain information on the financial results of Wipro?

The quarterly and annual financial results of Wipro can be accessed at: and

Does Wipro have a dividend reinvestment program or dividend stock purchase plan?

Wipro does not offer a dividend reinvestment program or dividend stock program at present.

How do I buy Wipro shares/ADRs?

Wipro shares can be purchased on the open market in India through either a stock broker or any financial institution that provides brokerage services at the BSE or NSE. Similarly, NYSE listed ADRs may be purchased on the open market that provide brokerage services at NYSE.

Does Wipro accept fixed deposits from the public? 

No. The Company does not accept fixed deposits.

ADS Information

What is an American Depositary Share (ADS)?

An ADS is a negotiable US certificate representing ownership of shares in a non-US corporation. ADSs are created when ordinary shares are delivered to a custodian bank in the domestic market, which then instructs a depositary bank in the US to issue ADSs based on a predetermined ratio. ADSs are SEC-registered securities and may trade freely, just like any other security, either on an exchange or in the over-the-counter market.

How many equity shares does an ADS represent?

Each ADS represents one equity share of par value Rs. 2 per share.

Do the ADSs have voting rights? What is the process for exercise of voting rights?

Yes. As soon as practicable after receipt of notice of any meetings or solicitation of consents or proxies of holders of shares or other deposited securities, our Depositary shall fix a record date for determining the holders entitled to give instructions for the exercise of voting rights. The Depositary shall then mail to the holders of ADSs a notice stating (a) such information as is contained in such notice of meeting and any solicitation materials, (b) that each holder on the record date set by the Depositary therefore will be entitled to instruct the Depositary as to the exercise of the voting rights, if any, pertaining to the deposited securities represented by the ADSs evidenced by such holders of ADRs, and (c) the manner in which such instruction may be given, including instructions to give discretionary proxy to a person designated by us. On receipt of the aforesaid notice from the Depositary, our ADS holders may instruct the Depositary on how to exercise the voting rights for the shares that underlie their ADSs. For such instructions to be valid, the Depositary must receive them on or before a specified date.

The Depositary will make all reasonable efforts, and subject to the provisions of Indian law, our Memorandum of Association and our Articles of Association, to vote or to have its agents vote the shares or other deposited securities as per our ADS holders’ instructions. The Depositary will only vote or attempt to vote as per an ADS holder’s instructions. The Depositary will not itself exercise any voting discretion.

Are the ADSs entitled to cash dividends?

Yes, whenever dividends are paid to ordinary shareholders, cash dividends to ADS holders are declared in local currency and paid in dollars by the depositary bank, net of the depositary’s fees and expenses.

Are the ADSs entitled to Stock dividends?

Yes, whenever stock dividends are paid to ordinary shareholders, stock dividends to ADS holders are declared in the same ratio.

Investor Queries

How do I record a change in my address? 

For physical holdings, please send a letter, duly signed by the first holder, stating the new address and folio numbers of the shares you own to our Registrar and Share Transfer Agents, KFin Technologies Private Limited. The address is:


KFIN Technologies Limited
Selenium Building, Tower-B,
Plot No 31 & 32,Financial District,
Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,
Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Telangana, India - 500 032
Email ID :
Toll Free/ Phone Number : 1800 309 4001
WhatsApp Number:  (91) 910 009 4099
KPRISM (Mobile Application) :
KFINTECH Corporate Website :
RTA Website :
Investor Support Centre (DIY Link):


Contact person:  

Ms. Swati Reddy
E-mail id: 
Ms. Rajitha Cholleti
E-mail id:
In the case of dematerialized holdings, please write to your Depository Participant (DP) intimating them of the change and ask for a confirmation that their records reflect the new address.

My dividend check is lost / was never received / has expired. How do I get a fresh check re-issued? 

Please write to our Registrar and Share Transfer Agents, KFin Technologies Private Limited with details of folio numbers (in the case of physical holdings) or the DP ID and account number in the case of dematerialized holdings. The address is as above After verification, they will issue a fresh check.


To avoid this problem in the future, you can use the ECS facility in which the dividend amount is automatically credited to the bank account of your choice. To avail of this facility, give your request to KFin Technologies Private Limited in writing.  


Also, you might consider dematerializing your holdings through a Depository Participant. This would not only eliminate the issues of storage and risk of loss of paper certificates but also ensure automatic crediting of dividends to your bank account. Click on the links to the see the list of Depository Participants empaneled with each of the two depositories in India –  NSDL  and  CDSL.

What are the different modes of remittances?

As per RBI notification, with effect from October 1, 2009, the remittance of money through ECS is replaced by National Electronic Clearing Services (NECS) and banks have been instructed to move to the NECS platform. This is in addition to the existing facility of ECS in other locations. NECS essentially operates on the new and unique bank account number, allotted by banks pursuant to implementation of Core Banking Solutions (CBS) for centralized processing of inward instructions and efficiency in handling bulk transaction.


In this regard, shareholders holding shares in electronic form are requested to furnish the new 10-digit Bank Account Number allotted to them by your bank,(after implementation of CBS), along with photocopy of a cheque pertaining to the concerned account, to your Depository Participant (DP). Please send these details to the Company/Registrars, if the shares are held in physical form, immediately.

What is the option available to member/s holding shares in Demat form and wanted to change/correct Bank account details?

Members who hold shares in the dematerialized form and want to change/correct the bank account details should send the same immediately to their concerned Depository Participant and not to the Company. Members are also requested to give the MICR Code of their bank to their Depository Participants. The Company will not entertain any direct request from such members for change of address, transposition of names, deletion of name of deceased joint holder and change in the bank account details. While making payment of Dividend, Registrar and share transfer agent is obliged to use only the data provided by the Depositories, in case of such demat shares.

What is the procedure for payment of dividend through NECS in case of Physical shares?

Physical shares – Payment of dividend through NECS: Members holding shares in physical form are advised to submit particulars of their bank account, viz. name and address of the branch of the bank, MICR code of the branch, type of account and account number to our Registrar and Share Transfer Agent, 

KFin Technologies Private Limited,
Unit: Wipro Limited
Selenium Tower B, Plot 31-32, Gachibowli, Financial District,
Hyderabad: 500 032

How to consolidate more than one folio into a single folio?

Members who are holding physical shares in identical order of names in more than one folio are requested to send to the Company or Company’s Share Transfer Agent the details of such folios together with the share certificates for consolidating their holding in one folio. The share certificates will be returned to the members after making requisite changes, thereon. Members are requested to use the new share transfer form SH-4 for this exercise

Is PAN a sole identification number for all participants transacting in the securities market?

The securities and exchange board of India (SEBI) vide circular ref no. MRD/DoP/CIR-05/2007 dated April 27, 2007, made PAN the sole identification number for all participants transacting in the securities market, irrespective of the amount of transaction. In continuation of the aforesaid circular, it is hereby clarified that for securities market transactions and off market/private transactions involving transfer of shares of listed companies in physical form, it shall be mandatory for the transferee(s) to furnish copy of PAN card to the company /Registrar and Share Transfer Agent for registration of such transfer of shares.

How can member/s utilize Web based Query Redressal System?

Web based Query Redressal System;


Members may utilize this facility extended by KFin Technologies Private Limited, the Registrars and Transfer Agents for redressal of their queries.


Please visit   and click on “Investors” option for query registration through free identity registration to log on. Investors can submit the query in the “QUERIES” option provided on the web site, which would give the grievance registration number. For accessing the status/ response to your query, please use the same number at the option “VIEW REPLY” after 24 hrs. The investors can continue to seek answers to additional queries relating to the case till they are satisfied. Investors could also send their queries to KFin Technologies Private Limited by post/e-mail to the following address:


KFin Technologies Private Limited,
Unit: Wipro Limited
Selenium Tower B, Plot 31-32, Gachibowli, Financial District,
Hyderabad: 500 032


Shareholders can also send e-mail to the designated e-mail id:

To whom should a non-resident Indian shareholder should inform about change of his residential status?

Non-resident Indian shareholders are requested to inform about the following to the Company or its Share Transfer Agent or the concerned Depository Participant, as the case may be, immediately of:


a) The change in the residential status on return to India for permanent settlement


b) The particulars of the NRE Account with a Bank in India, if not furnished earlier

Where can I find details of the unclaimed dividend amounts accruing into the Investor Education and Protection Fund?

This information is available at in addition to being made available in MCA website.

Nomination in respect of Shareholding

How can a member holding single name and physical form make a nomination in respect of his shareholding in the Company?

Members holding shares in single name and physical form are advised to make nomination in respect of their shareholding in the Company. The Nomination Form SH 13 prescribed by the Government can be obtained from the Registrar and Transfer Agent or the Secretarial Department of the Company at its Registered Office.

What is the procedure of nomination with regard to my shareholding?

In order to make a nomination, please submit a duly filled in and signed nomination form (Form SH 13) in duplicate. If you hold shares along with other holders, then all holders are required to sign the nomination form. Nomination Form is to be submitted in duplicate.


Nomination in respect of shares held in physical form can be sent to the Company. After the Company receives the form and finds it in order, a registration number will be allotted to the nomination. A duplicate copy of the nomination form submitted by you will then be returned to you with an endorsement indicating the registration number and date.


In case of dematerialised shares, your nomination has to be recorded with your Depository Participant.

At present my shares are held in joint names. Can the joint holders’ nominees to the shares?

Joint holders are not nominees. They are joint holders of the relevant shares only. In the event of death of any one of the joint holders, the surviving joint holder/s of the shares is/are the only person/persons who shall be recognized by the Company as the holders of the shares.

Is there any restriction that nomination once made cannot be changed?

A nomination once made can be revoked by submitting a fresh nomination. If the nomination is made by joint holders, and one of the joint-holders dies, the surviving joint holder/s can make a fresh nomination by revoking the existing nomination.

In case of death of the shareholders, what is the legal position of the nominee?

In case of shares held by sole holder, upon the death of the shareholder, the nominee, to the exclusion of any other legal heir/beneficiary, is the only person in whom the shares vest. In other words, in case of a valid nomination, the Company will not entertain any claim from legal heirs or beneficiaries and the shares will be transmitted only in favour of the Nominee.


In case the nomination is made by joint-holders, it will come into play only upon the death of all the joint holders. Therefore, if one of the joint shareholders dies, the shares will devolve on the surviving shareholders to the exclusion of the nominee. In this case, the surviving shareholders may make a fresh nomination if they so desire.

What is the procedure for the nominee to get the shares in his name?

Upon the demise of a shareholder, the nominee is entitled to have the shares transmitted in his favour. He/she is required to submit a notice in writing to this effect along with the original share certificate and an attested copy of the death certificate of the deceased shareholders.


If a nominee opts for registration of shares in his/her name, he/she has to submit a Transmission Form along with a copy of the pan card and proof of address, e.g. copy of passport, driving license, voter’s identity card or such other proof, to the satisfaction of the Company.


Upon scrutiny of the documents submitted by the nominee, shares will be transmitted in his/her favour and share certificates will be returned to him/her duly endorsed.

I have shares in demat form. Can I send the nomination form to the Company for making a nomination with respect to my shareholding?

For making a nomination with respect to shares in dematerialized form, you will have to approach your Depository Participant.

Loss of share certificate

What are the steps that I should take to obtain duplicate share certificates, when i have lost/misplaced my share certificates?

You can inform our Secretarial Department and /or Registrar and share transfer agent immediately about the loss of share certificates. Please quote your folio number and, if available, details of share certificates. We shall immediately mark a caution on your folio to prevent any further transfer of shares covered by the lost share certificates.


Upon receipt of intimation about loss of certificates, we will revert with the required formalities to be complied with for obtaining duplicate certificates. The address can be found here:

Transfer of Shares

How can I ensure that the Transfer Deed is complete before sending it to the Company?

You need to ensure that the requisite details such as folio number, certificate number, distinctive number, name of the holder(s), name and address of witnesses are filled in when the Transfer Deed with the filled in transferor’s details comes to you. Please also ensure that the Transfer Deed is signed by the transferor(s) (signatures of all holders in case of joint holding) and the witness.


Please note that attestation of transferor’s signature by a Manager of a nationalized bank where the transferor holds a savings account will minimize the chances of rejection of transfer request on account of signature mismatch.

Please ensure that all the columns of the transfer deed are filled appropriately, sign as transferee at appropriate places and affix share transfer stamps at prevailing rate on the market value on the date of execution of the transfer deed. Please ensure that the transfer deed is duly filled in and executed as explained, to avoid any discrepancy/objection on lodgement.

How do I add another person as a joint-holder to my shareholding. What is the procedure?

In order to add a joint-holder name to your shareholding, please execute a stamped transfer deed and submit the same to our “Registrar and share transfer agents” for transfer. Please note that such additions amount to a change in ownership of shares and the transfer procedure explained above has to be followed.

Transmission of Shares

In the event of death of one of the Joint- shareholder, how do the surviving shareholders get the shares in their names?

The surviving shareholders are required to submit a request letter supported by a self attested copy of pan card of all surviving holders, an attested copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased shareholder and the relevant share certificates. It is advisable if the documents are accompanied by a duly executed Transmission Form.

The Company, on receipt of the said documents, will delete the name of deceased shareholder from its records and return the share certificates to the applicant/registered holder with the necessary endorsement.

If a shareholder who held shares in his sole name dies without leaving a will, how can his legal heir/s (either husband/wife/son/daughter, etc.) get the shares transmitted in their names?

The legal heirs are required to obtain a Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration with respect to the shares. A true copy of the same, duly attested by the Court Officer or Notary, should be sent to the Company or Registrar and share transfer agents along with a request letter, pan card of all the claimants, transmission form and all original share certificates for transmission in their favour.

If the deceased family member who held shares in his/her own name (single) leaves a Will, how do the legal heir/s get the shares transmitted in their names?

The legal heirs are required to get the Will probated by the High Court/District Court of competent jurisdiction and then send us a probated copy of the Will. This should be accompanied by a relevant schedule/annexure setting out the details of the shares, the relevant share certificates in original, the transmission form for transmission, self attested pan card and address proofs of all the claimants.

Investor contact

Investor Relations:
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Jain
General Manager, Investor Relations
Tel.: +91 80 6142 6143


Registrar and share transfer agent:
KFIN Technologies Limited
Selenium Building, Tower-B,
Plot No 31 & 32,Financial District,
Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,
Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Telangana, India - 500 032
Email ID :
Toll Free/ Phone Number : 1800 309 4001
WhatsApp Number:  (91) 910 009 4099
KPRISM (Mobile Application) :
KFINTECH Corporate Website :
RTA Website :
Investor Support Centre (DIY Link):


Contact person:
Ms. Swati Reddy
E-mail id:
Ms. Rajitha Cholleti
E-mail id:
In the case of dematerialized holdings, please write to your Depository Participant (DP) intimating them of the change and ask for a confirmation that their records reflect the new address.


Name and address of the overseas depositary for ADS:
JP Morgan Chase Bank
60, Wall Street
New York, NY 10260
Tel: +1 212 648 3208
Fax: +1 212 648 5576


Name and address of the custodian in India for the purpose of ADS:
JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.
6th Floor, Paradigm, B Wing
Behind Toyota Showroom
Mindspace, Malad (W)
Mumbai 400 064
Tel: +91 22 66492588
Fax: +91 22 66492509

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