Ever increasing security tools are adding to complexity and impacting cyber security operations

Organizations continue to invest in security technologies to protect assets and data and to enhance their ability to respond to threats in a timely manner. The propensity to adopt new security technologies over time leads to the accumulation of tool sets. This creates complexities in the environment due to a lack of interoperability, lack of a coherent security posture view and inconsistent tools management, increasing operations overhead.

The main reason for this is the missing “security hygiene” of the infrastructure and limited visibility of the environment and associated service effectiveness.

Issues in delivering effective security operations

Security operations team are overwhelmed with managing complex environments and dynamic policies of security tools deployed in organizations.

Even with adequate security controls in place to protect the enterprise assets, and efforts to manage infrastructure, the following gaps can occur:

  • Complexities in driving regular compliance checks
  • Remediation of threats is reactive and manual
  • Operational risks are usually ignored
  • Increasing operational overhead due to ever-growing number of security tools

There is a definite need for a framework and tool that can ensure service effectiveness and fill the potential gaps in traditional security operations by leveraging the modern concept of intelligent operations powered by AI.

A modern approach to simplify security operations

Simplifying security operations and providing smart governance is a feature of the effective automation associated with AI.

In addition, visibility is a key factor as described by the cliché “what you see and detect is what you can protect.” It is important to define the view which will meet the expectations of all stakeholders who are responsible for the organization’s IT security.

Wipro offers its customers an AI-powered Intelligent Security Operations solution–Wipro SMC.ai–built on the principle of “Beat Before Beaten.” Wipro SMC.ai is an integrated approach to intelligent security operations based on automation and analytics. It ensures a 360-degree business-oriented view of security operations and objectives.

The consolidated view is comprised of risk, reliability and efficiency posture of the infrastructure. Wipro helps organizations look at their security infrastructure through Wipro SMC.ai with the richness of correlated data, aggregated information and transparency of the services being offered.

Wipro SMC.ai for intelligent security operations

It is critical for enterprises to practice effective cyber hygiene and ensure that the core security technologies are working in the right manner. This can be achieved if the security and related tools are deployed appropriately and configured so they adhere to baselines and best practices.

Effective security operations processes need to be sustained over time to protect enterprises from attacks and prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities. This requires visibility and insights into the environment, while continuously monitoring for any deviation or non-compliance so that issues can be identified on a regular basis.

Enterprises going through their Zero Trust security journey need to rely on solutions and tools that enable visibility of their security posture and mitigate identified risks. Zero Trust security is also about integrated architecture, with security tools working in a cohesive manner to exchange information and respond to threats.

Wipro SMC.ai provides insights into the enterprise environment and reports operational risks to orchestrate and remediate operational issues. It helps in intelligent security operations to sustain Zero Trust and move toward cybersecurity maturity.

Benefits of Wipro SMC.ai

Wipro’s Wipro SMC.ai helps improve operational efficiency by up to 40% while proactively identifying issues, analysing trends to identify patterns and performing root cause analysis.

It protects enterprises from threats caused by a lack of infrastructure “security hygiene,” limited security controls visibility and response ineffectiveness.

Wipro SMC.ai encourages active involvement of stakeholders across the organizational hierarchy by providing a business view of the technologies and tools and simplifying cyber security wellness reporting.

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