The days of trusted hosts are long gone. The Zero Trust model is becoming an absolute necessity. When anything hits your environment — a user, a network, an app or a spider — the default assumption is that the interaction is hostile and the entity is an attacker. We’ve moved past the “trust but verify” approach and replaced it with the “DO NOT trust and then verify.” 

For an enterprise to embrace this type of Zero Trust security model, it must be implemented across every environment and every network.

Listen to Wipro partner Angshuman Chattopadhyay discuss the strategic paths to take for a successful Zero Trust journey.

About the speaker
Angshuman Chattopadhyay

Angshuman Chattopadhyay is a cyber security professional with 23+ years of experience in consulting, implementation, and managed services. He leads the cybersecurity and risk services infrastructure practice at Wipro. In this role, he is responsible for go-to-market, solutions management, platform development, and service delivery. He has published several cybersecurity articles, including Zero Trust thought leadership, and spoken at various industry forums.

About the host

Evan Schuman

Evan Schuman, a veteran IT journalist, currently writes for DarkReading and Computerworld. His byline has appeared in articles for numerous media companies, including The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, SCMagazine/SCMedia, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and eWEEK. Evan has been been quoted on security issues in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Time, among others. He has consulted on cybersecurity content issues for Microsoft, Capital One, BlackBerry, Harvard Business Review, SAPPfizer, Oracle, AT&T JPMorgan, HP Dell and MIT, and regularly lectures on cybersecurity topics at Columbia University and New York University.