Wipro and Functionize are redefining end-to-end (E2E) testing by eliminating common bottlenecks in the software development lifecycle.

Combining Functionize's self-healing E2E tests with Wipro's proven IT services, agile methodologies and global presence, this partnership accelerates development cycles, reduces operational expenses and elevates quality of software within continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) environments.

Wipro and Functionize provide top-tier software and a seamless user experience that enables clients to innovate confidently and stay agile in dynamic markets.

Partner Level

Strategic Venture Partner for Intelligent Test Automation & Gen AI for Packaged Apps Testing.


Provide a seamless transformation journey by reusing, measuring, and monitoring major touchpoints.


Ensuring superior product quality, speed to market & E2E testing.



Digital Experience Assurance

AI-driven automation catering to E-commerce and experience platforms, encompassing functionality, performance & visual tests with focus on seamless customer journeys.


Product & Package Assurance

Ensuring coverage & reduced technical debt via production ready domain-oriented test cases/scripts for BFSI, Retail, healthcare domains with persona-driven automation.

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