Application modernization is a key driver in helping organizations to transform their legacy systems into cloud-based solutions. The growth of hybrid work environments along with the rapid adoption of generative AI is creating an environment where application engineering is highly sought after.

Whether it entails cloud-native development, strategic migration initiatives, or the implementation of robust evaluation practices to optimize tools, processes, platforms, and applications, leading enterprises are recognizing that the business value of the cloud is not solely derived from migration. True cloud value materializes through effective modernization and the transformative evolution of applications, providing organizations with the efficiency, security, and agility they are seeking.  

To modernize capabilities and drive innovative business value, or to revitalize existing applications, enterprises must align their investments with overarching business objectives, ensuring a focused and purposeful approach to the evolving cloud landscape. 

Our Offerings

Application Modernization

The modernization journey is focused on identifying business and technical value and reducing costs.

Cloud Native Engineering

Build modern and resilient application to keep pace with business priorities and governance.

Digital Lending

Wipro’s NetOxygen offers the right compliance tools and automation to grow loan origination while managing regulations.

GenAI Adoption Services

Helping customers build a Center of Excellence to build the right LLM framework.

Mainframe Simplification

Migrate and modernize your mainframe applications with a de-risked approach.

Next Gen Application Services

Harnesses the adoption of cloud to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

Modernize Enterprise Integration Platform

Consultative approach evaluates and identifies the right transformation path for your organization.

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