Wipro is a Databricks Global elite partner with implementation experience across 125 use cases, 75+ clients, and numerous industries. Our partnership with Databricks, supported by more than 1,500 engineers and consultants is focused on:

  • Migrations: From Hadoop, legacy DW (Teradata, Oracle, SQL server, etc.) and ETL (Informatica, DataStage, etc.) using the Wipro Data Intelligence Suite (WDIS).
  • GenAI: Contact center solution using the patented Wipro Enterprise Generative AI (WeGA) studio and leveraging the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform.
  • Unity Catalog: Seamless migration and implementation with a UI-driven interface in WDIS.
Wipro’s strong partnership with Databricks equips clients with the partnership to transform their Data and AI landscape with confidence. Wipro’s commitment to Responsible Data & AI empowers clients to make decisions powered by AI driven insights with effective guardrails and trustworthy data. Through our partnership with Databricks we are delivering business value to our customers such as improvement in the customer experience at a large airport, reduction in TCO by almost 40% for an Energy major and delivering a 50% request-for-quote productivity boost for a large retailer.

Partner Recognition

Americas partner of year 2022


100+ implementations

Business Value

40% cost savings on modernization programs


Strategy and Governance

Our Strategic Advisory team navigates clients through a reinvention process designed to drive meaningful impact and scaled business growth through a clear data, analytics, and AI strategy. This process considers the organization’s current state of data maturity along and provides an innovation roadmap, leveraging data constructs like data mesh, data marketplace, data economics (cost monitoring/optimization), and data governance (provisioning/integration of Unity Catalog).

Data Engineering

Wipro and Databricks’ combined data engineering expertise lays the groundwork for stronger, more scalable data systems. We improve reliability in areas such as data pipeline modernization, migration from Hadoop, legacy DW and ETL Modernization, greenfield Lakehouse implementations, Lakehouse reference architecture, estimation methodologies and capacity planning, and low-code/no-code solutions.

Data Science

Wipro and Databricks provide end-to-end data science solutions from data prep and modeling to sharing insights. We build a collaborative data science environment on a unified foundation that spans areas like migration of cloud-native and legacy ML pipelines to Databricks, modernization of R/SAS/Python-based scripts, and business solutions that enable data-led value realization for clients.

Generative AI

Wipro’s market-leading, custom-built services leverage state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs) like DBRX, GPT, MPT, LLaMA and are backed with responsible AI controls and domain, safety, and security guardrails to accelerate the GenAI journey for customers. The WeGA Studio, GenAI accelerators, and services developed by Wipro are implemented on a Databricks-Mosaic ML platform to deliver key business solutions covering digital marketing, content generation, enterprise search, and conversational BI.


Wipro Data Intelligence Suite (WDIS)

Provides ready-to-deploy modules enabling end to end automation of the data transformation journey.

Wipro Enterprise Generative AI (WEGA)

Gen AI Models for hyper-personalization, contact center efficiency, business intelligence solutions and developer productivity improvement.

WDIS powered Databricks Unity Catalog Upgrade

Seamless and swift upgrade experience across hyperscalers.

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