Delta Lake on Databricks

We’re empowering organizations to create a single source of truth and a flexible data ecosystem with Delta Lake, a data storage and management layer enhancing data system functionality. 

Data Engineering

Lay the groundwork for stronger, scalable data systems and improve reliability with Wipro and Databricks’ combined data engineering expertise.

Data Science

Wipro and Databricks provide end-to-end data science solutions — from data prep and modelling to sharing insights — with a collaborative data science environment built on a unified lakehouse foundation.


Data Intelligence Suite

Our suite of accelerators provides ready-to-deploy modules that enable end-to-end, automated cloud migrations and are compatible with the available cloud service provider platforms.

Next-Gen Cloud Data Platforms

Realize greater business value with advanced cloud data platforms that streamline workflows and accelerate decision-making.

Intelligent Supply Chain

Wipro’s Intelligent Supply Chain is an integrated, comprehensive solution that delivers powerful supply-chain optimization capabilities for accurate capacity planning, improved productivity, increased quality, reduced costs, and successful outputs.

Industry Solutions


Wipro and Databricks’ healthcare data solutions are unlocking data benefits for doctors, administrators, and patients. By breaking down silos and transforming data analytics with our AI platform, we ensure clients can modernize workflows and gather valuable insights.


Wipro’s strong domain expertise combined with the Databricks platform enables retail businesses to leverage big data analytics, machine learning, and AI to drive real-time business decisions and create more engaging customer experiences.


Wipro and Databricks are harnessing the power of data and analytics to solve financial enterprises’ strategic challenges and help them make smarter decisions that minimize risk, prevent fraudulent behavior, and drive sustainable value creation.