Enterprises are steering towards democratizing data access and leveraging AI to drive innovation. A robust governance is foundational to expedite the data and AI transformation. Recognizing this, organizations are upgrading to Databricks Unity Catalog, thus ensuring transparent and trustworthy governance of their data and AI systems. The Databricks Unity Catalog offers enhanced capabilities to democratize data, fortified with strong security and governance features such as data lineage, built-in auditing, and access control.

A core offering of Wipro Data Intelligence Suite (WDIS), the Databricks Unity Catalog upgrade ensures a seamless and swift upgrade experience. WDIS modernizes data estates, including data stores, data pipelines and visualizations, powered by a set of low-code/no-code, AI/ML-infused accelerators, enabling end-to-end automation of the cloud transformation journey across major hyperscalers. The WDIS-powered Databricks Unity Catalog solution enables comprehensive assessments, seamless upgrade, validation, and administration of Hive Metastore assets to the Unity Catalog in Databricks. The WDIS-powered Unity Catalog upgrade aids in conducting assessment across accounts, workspaces and meta stores leveraging the Databricks Unity Catalog Explorer. We offer a unified interface for assessment, upgrade and reconciliation that supports managed tables, external tables, and tables from Databricks File System, confirming zero data loss. This ensures an end-to-end visibility of the data models, notebooks and dashboards simplifying access management in secured environment.

Seamless Transformation to Databricks Unity Catalog

40% to 50% of Effort reduction

Faster upgrade to Unity catalog

Enhanced security and auditing features

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