Wipro Cloud Compliance Shield, powered by AWS, provides customers visibility of the compliance and security posture to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate various security, compliance, and operational risks associated with cloud technologies in real time. The Wipro solution ensures regulatory obligations are automatically up to date and reduces compliance risk. By implementing robust risk governance practices, companies can ensure secure use of cloud while protecting their sensitive data and maintaining operational integrity.

Wipro Cloud Compliance Shield leverages the scalability and security of the AWS cloud to enable a secure and compliant cloud transformation. It combines AWS services such as Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Security Lake with Wipro’s deep expertise in risk and compliance allows AWS to leverage Wipro’s 9,000 cybersecurity specialists.

Wipro has been an AWS Premier Consulting partner for a decade with 12 AWS competencies, 4,500+ AWS certifications, 250+ customers and 40+ solutions engineered on AWS.


Rapidly changing regulatory and compliance requirements

  • Difficulty keeping up with rapidly changing regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Reliance on highly manual processes, including spreadsheets, for data collection and assessment, leads to errors, slow processing times, and burdensome regulatory inspections
  • Multiple tools and vendors and lack of a centralized management system results in gaps in compliance and risk governance
  • Organizations lack visibility into their security and compliance status to be able to provide updates to key stakeholders

Key Features

Better Visibility in Real-Time: 

  • Single pane of glass visibility across the multi-cloud environment
  • Holistic view of compliance and security posture by collecting relevant data and signals in the Amazon Security Lake and applying generative AI to deliver actionable insights

Automated Compliance: 

  • Quick identification of misconfigurations and recommended base security controls for multi-cloud environment that provide adherence to over 27+ regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Ability to navigate regulatory inspections quickly and successfully by eliminating manual efforts 

Streamlined Risk Management: 

  • Simplified and holistic risk assessment and monitoring throughout the cloud journey
  • Robust risk governance practices enable secure use of cloud while protecting sensitive data and maintaining operational integrity


  • Ensures continuous compliance: Ingests regulatory obligations on a real-time basis and ensures continuous regulatory compliance around the clock
  • Automates data processing: Allows for automated processing of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) data
  • Provides real-time updates: Provides security and compliance posture of your multi-cloud environment at any given time
  • Improves data quality: Provides better data for both executives and regulatory agency reviews
  • Quickly resolves compliance gaps: Dramatically reduces time to assess and mitigate compliance gaps
  • Delivers self-healing capability: Auto-remediation of security issues in cloud environments

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