Why Falcon?

Legacy paper-based processes can introduce errors, reduce efficiency and reduce transparency for stakeholders across the energy industry. These challenges can drive higher costs and longer equipment-delivery times while exposing companies to the risks of quality-related nonconformance and counterfeit assets.

Wipro’s Falcon solves these problems by eradicating paper-based asset documentation and digitizing the supply chain. Through the secure power of blockchain technology, Falcon empowers energy companies to create digital passports for their equipment, opening a new era of transparency and verification, and enabling real-time equipment tracking throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Once the passport finds its way into an asset system, such as a digital twin, it doesn't vanish. Instead, it continues to serve as an ever-vigilant tracking mechanism throughout the asset’s life. Falcon not only provides a single source of truth but also paves the way for cutting-edge predictive and prescriptive maintenance capabilities.

The Falcon Ecosystem

Falcon sets the gold standard for procurement and asset management in the energy industry by meeting the needs of diverse stakeholders and transforming how they operate and share data. 

Falcon for Owner Operators

Falcon offers owner operators (OOs) an all-encompassing view of the purchase-order process across their entire supplier network. From tracking delivery times and milestones to identifying and resolving bottlenecks, Falcon offers an unparalleled supply-chain-management toolkit. OOs can seamlessly review digital records, enhance inspector communication and management, and validate testing records for ITP steps and punch list assessments. After delivery, OOs can then leverage the digital passport as a foundation for asset lifecycle management, enabling emerging predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions and ensuring long-term reliable performance. 

Falcon for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies

Engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPCs) can trust Falcon to help them create, monitor, and evaluate POs across the asset lifecycle from engineering to delivery. The dynamic Falcon platform enables EPCs to identify risks, proactively manage potential delays, and provide real-time updates to owner operators, ultimately elevating on-time delivery rates. Falcon’s user-friendly dashboard also streamlines milestone tracking, document management, and testing, which promotes effective and efficient project management.

Falcon for Original Equipment Manufacturers 

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from Falcon's transparency and user-friendly design, which aids in tracking owner operator expectations and milestones. Falcon optimizes on-time delivery, streamlines project management complexities, and delivers real-time reports from fellow supply chain stakeholders. OEMs harness Falcon to streamline and reduce inefficiencies around testing equipment documentation, seamlessly share records across stakeholders, and coordinate inspections based on milestones, all while improving ITP performance through comprehensive test overviews.

Falcon for Inspectors 

Falcon's streamlined ITP execution extends profound new efficiencies to inspectors. The platform simplifies inspection coordination and project management and reduces the risk of fraudulent inspection documents. Falcon's notification center and comprehensive inspection overview also simplify management tasks. Inspectors can also expedite inspections, provide continuous feedback, and validate/reject test records within the platform, ensuring the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Falcon Drives Supply Chain Transformation 

Enhanced  Transparency

Gain transparency across the entire  lifecycle, from procurement to delivery, ensuring informed decision-making and mitigating risks

Streamlined Collaboration

Eliminate manual processes, reduce paperwork, and enable easy access to critical information, promoting effective teamwork and productivity.

Improved Efficiency & Cost Savings

Save time and resources through standardized documentation, automated notifications, and streamlined project management.

Data-driven Insights

Make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and drive continuous optimization for enhanced operational efficiency.

Scalability & Flexibility

Falcon was designed to offer scalability & flexibility to continuously cater to evolving business needs & expanding supply chains.

The Falcon Difference

Resilient supply chains are built on trust, transparency, and efficiency. By leveraging the power of blockchain, Falcon delivers a supply chain solution that benefit all players in the energy industry’s asset supply chain while removing the manual processes and information silos that hold the industry back. 

Aligned with industry standards such as JIP33 and CFSOS, Falcon is designed to drive data and workflow standardization for all supply-chain players. Falcon is also built to scale and will be continuously co-developed with industry stakeholders to drive mass adoption. Early adopters will be well-positioned to shape future releases and fundamentally improve how energy assets are developed, procured, delivered, and maintained. 

By adopting Falcon, energy industry asset stakeholders will finally enter a fully digitized and automated supply-chain future that elevates the entire industry. 

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