“The mining industry has entered  a new era. Demand continues to be stoked by strong growth in emerging markets. Supply  is increasingly  constrained, as development projects become more complex and are typically in more remote, unfamiliar territory. The cost base of the industry has permanently changed as lower grades and shortages of labour take effect.”
“Mining is at best an inexact science. Technical projects involve complex interrelationships between departmental ‘silos’ within an organization as well as with external consultants and stakeholders. They do and will always rely very heavily on the experience of the people involved. Any shortage of available skilled resource will only tend to exacerbate inadequacies in systems…”
The oil and gas industry shares many business challenges with the mining industry, including the internal profitability killers discussed here. Wipro has a proven track record helping global oil and gas companies improve profitability through CDE implementation. We are now leveraging our experience in the oil and gas industry to help global mining enterprises eliminate internal profitability killers through CDE implementation.

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