Putting people at the heart of hybrid work.

Realize the best of all worlds. Download our detailed partner guide to find out more about how you can grow beyond hybrid and realize your best work – wherever that may be.

Buyer’s Guide: See beyond hybrid.

Download our concise guide to discover how embracing a centralized, managed services approach to the future of hybrid can support you to achieve your three key goals: robust workspace security, always-on service delivery, and enhanced user-experience and collaboration.

Healthcare’s Hybrid Future: Resources

Discover insights, ideas, and practical examples of how Wipro and Citrix have helped healthcare firms future-proof their digital infrastructures for today’s ever-shifting hybrid landscape.

How Wipro and Citrix deliver next-generation UX

Find out how a multi-million-dollar global healthcare company provided remote access to critical systems and data for employees, liberating them to realize their best work.

From broken experiences to breakthroughs

Fragmented communications and poor accessibility to crucial resources can damage the user experience, and worse still, hinder progress to potentially life-saving research and development.

Beyond hybrid

By leveraging and combining leading cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) – such as Wipro virtuadesk™, Citrix Secure Private Access & HDX Technology and Citrix Cloud Services – the Wipro and Citrix partnership offers your organization a single solution that meets your key business needs for cybersecurity, user experience and service delivery, with outstanding success.

Our cutting-edge alliance is leading some of the most high-volume deployments in the healthcare industry. Our partnership is successful because one complements the other: while Citrix offers the advanced security solutions, Wipro brings next-generation systems integration and management, as well as consultancy to the mix.

We will support you in delivering a secure, hybrid workforce, with next-level cybersecurity, service delivery and user experience.

Download our detailed report to understand the issues affecting operations in the sector — from keeping intellectual property data secure to the need for optimized collaborative tools. See how your organization can begin to grow beyond hybrid to realize a new world of work, today.

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