October | 2020

Taking the AIOps approach to transform IT as an application and software service enables better business outcomes with cost and capacity optimization
Why IT Operations Need Artificial Intelligence?
Business Problem Wipro AIOps Solutions
  • Application dependency problem tracking
  • Solution auto-detects all application dependencies and tracks transactions across all tiers
  • Development effort optimization
  • The problematic code is identified with minimal effort through code level analysis
  • Application blind spots
  • Solution eliminates application blind spots by providing complete insight and understanding of the inter dependencies between application components and infrastructure in context
  • Multiple tools for monitoring, troubleshooting and alerting
  • Comprehensive view of your entire infrastructure, which unifies and correlates logs and metrics, providing an integrated experience for monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting
  • Alert storm
  • A full-stack monitoring solution to eliminate alert storms from isolated tool sprawl and focus resources on proactive actions with the highest impact
Current DevOps Futuristic DevOps with AIOps
  • DevOps teams tend to reuse the same techniques and fixes as built in the knowledge from operations
  • AIOps helps learn from operational data and continuously optimize, which reduces repetitive actions and issues
  • Developers are at times conservative in adopting a new idea or solution, citing the risk factor or difficulties in adoption due to organizational changes
  • AIOps will support the application of learnt techniques and solutions without the mental block of risk or adoption
  • Development is always dependent on individual skills and experience
  • IT reduces the disparity in skills and improves quality of DevOps pipeline
  • The limitation of adaptability with emerging technologies and tools limits overall optimization capabilities
  • AIOps is constantly on, supporting not just performance analysis but also machine learning, which ensures mutation of ML
Why IT Operations Need Artificial Intelligence?
Wipro’s AIOps solution is transforming the understanding of capacity analysis and hence, optimizing the overall capacity, especially leveraging the elasticity in the containerized environments of cloud and hybrid with microservices. Click here to connect with us and know how you can leverage this solution to ensure great outcomes from your cloud.

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