April | 2021

Aligning with an emergent strategy to drive better business outcomes, empowering the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to drive digital transformation


         Discrete Governance

                               Adaptive Governance


Builds the governance function in silos. Has limited synergies. Provides a tactical perspective.

Builds synergy between multiple Cloud initiatives and has a well-rounded view to scale effectively. Has a strategic perspective.


Suits transformation programs that have standard processes, delivery mechanisms, and smaller groups.

Struggles to provide optimum results when overlaid with many external groups, themes, and objectives.

Suits large Cloud functions and company-wide initiatives.



Better suited to navigate ambiguity and complexity.

Agility and Efficiency

More efficiency-focused than agility-focused; less agility to change tracks.

Efficiency and agility focused. Able to move faster and change tracks as needed.


Advocacy is limited to granular objectives and, in many cases, is limited to tech with tools and platforms.

Advocacy is better with key, quick wins in a dynamic environment. Also helps recover faster from failures.

Business Outcomes and Value Delivery

Measures and delivers against existing metrics and objectives.

Can define and refine business objectives based on expected outcomes. Empowers business for decision-making; investments with value-added solution enablement.

Continual Improvement

Based on after-the-fact feedback. Reactive to changes.

Anticipative and proactive, based on continual re-scoping of CCoE needs. Provides a governance for governance model that is intended for continual improvement. Better suited for auditing compliance and performance.

Cloud Maturity Progression

Formalizes standards and functions and provides Cloud value.

Matures and grows the Cloud organization; sustains and enriches cloud value.

Innovation Centricity

Less innovation-centric and needs significant effort and investment to innovate; risks adding inefficiencies.

Closely ties into tech innovation themes to deliver, measure, and enhance Cloud value.

Demand Management

Limited and ineffective demand to opportunity translation.

More cohesive; utilizes enterprise architecture-led business demand and tech enablement.

KPIs and Metrics

Measurement using static key performance indicator (KPI) scorecards have less traceability to the expected outcomes.

Effective, clutter-free key performance indicator (KPI) scorecards with actionable data points suited for current and evolving business outcomes.

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