Wipro EMaaS’s Care Management module equips Medicaid agencies with evidence-based, person-centered care management strategies that transform the delivery of healthcare services.

By leveraging data analytics and workflow management, agencies can address high-impact opportunities and enhance care coordination. This approach ensures compliance while facilitating the seamless management of clinical and behavioral health needs, automating care and service planning, and identifying and targeting high-risk populations.

Key Features

The Care Management module offers various features designed to enhance patient outcomes and operational efficiency:

  • Coordinated Care: Streamline coordination across the full spectrum of care services.
  • Integrated Health Management: Manage clinical and behavioral health needs with a unified approach.
  • Automated Planning: Utilize automation for efficient care and service plan development.
  • High-risk Population Targeting: Identify and focus on high-risk populations with tailored interventions.

Leverage a comprehensive suite of care management solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business and the people it supports.