Wipro is a proud sponsor of the upcoming ServiceNow World Forum: Sydney, on the 5th of October

  • Join innovators, industry experts, and members of the entire ServiceNow ecosystem to explore new ideas and opportunities enabling digital transformation across your businesses.
  • Hear from Wipro’s transformation leaders and meet our experts to see how we use ServiceNow to simplify core business workflows and uplift experience for our clients. 

Meet our ServiceNow experts at the event

Cassandra Ashworth

Head of ServiceNow Business Group- APMEA

Rodney Hobbs

Chief ServiceNow Technologist – APMEA

Saugat Sindhu

Global Head Strategy & Risk

The Wipro and ServiceNow Partnership

Wipro is a Elite ServiceNow partner dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services and solutions that empower our clients to modernise their digital experiences. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to harness the power of the vast ServiceNow platform to deliver value to our clients, as well as the customers and employees they serve.  

Our focus on real-world outcomes is why every client we have delivered a ServiceNow implementation for in Australia over the past 18 months, has given us a 100% customer satisfaction score.

Our capabilities guarantee success in your transformative journey ahead, no matter where you are today!
We look forward to meeting with you at the ServiceNow Summit!

For more information about Wipro’s ServiceNow expertise, click here.

To find out about the ServiceNow World Forum, Sydney