Wipro's 5G Def-i Innovation Center empowers device and network OEMs and CSPs to design comprehensive and innovative solutions that cover the entire network ecosystem. In today's connected world, businesses must harness the power of 5G networks for innovation and growth. Our state-of-the-art facility, located in Austin, Texas, as part of our Tarang Labs, is dedicated to building a connected, intelligent, and sustainable world through the transformative capabilities of 5G. By improving the lives of people and communities around the globe with 5G, we are committed to driving positive change and unlocking new possibilities for the future.

Why Choose Wipro's 5G Def-i Innovation Center?

  • Wipro's 5G Def-i Innovation Center offers comprehensive testing and qualification capabilities to ensure seamless network and device operations.
  • Establishes optimal performance in real-world conditions, including accessibility, safety, sustainability, compliance, and performance.
  • Ensures that devices and IoT endpoints adhere to standard compliance for network accessibility and data performance.
  • Offers fully integrated and AI-powered solutions such as end-to-end product qualification, compliance, pre-certification, and interoperability testing.
  • Provides a showcase environment to demonstrate Wipro’s cutting-edge 5G solutions in collaboration with our key partners.
  • Supports next-generation use cases, equipping businesses with AI-driven tools and capabilities.
Wipro's 5G Def-i Innovation Center is at the forefront of driving innovation and enabling businesses to harness the transformative power of 5G technology. Our comprehensive range of testing and qualification capabilities ensure seamless network and device operations, allowing businesses to unlock the full potential of 5G networks.
Wipro's Comprehensive Suite of 5G Services
Experience seamless 5G performance with Wipro's comprehensive suite of services that ensure compatibility, reliability, and optimal performance for networks and devices, enhancing efficiency and performance.
The simulated network and device testing environment allow for rigorous testing of network and device functionalities to ensure performance and compatibility with the network.
  • Device Certification:
    • 5G radio conformance testing: RF and RRM testing, covering FR1 frequencies, MIMO tests, and handovers
    • 5G protocol conformance testing: Protocol testing for FR1 & FR2, covering EN-DC, CA, MIMO, and handovers
    • Device testing capabilities: Signaling/protocol conformance and RF and RRM conformance
  • Network Functions Qualification:
    • Validation of functionality and performance of network components in O-RAN and 5G core testing
    • O-RAN: Functional and performance testing of O-CU, O-DU, end-to-end testing on RU and core functions, and interface testing
    • 5G Core: Testing of individual core functions or the entire 5GC core, with high throughput capabilities and L4-7 application traffic generator
  • Compliance: Ensuring devices meet necessary standards and requirements following GCF and PTCRB mandated test specifications, including:
    • Pre-cert and certification of Wi-Fi devices (Wi-Fi Alliance & ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation)
    • Pre-cert and certification of Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth SIG & ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation)
    • Certification of 5G chipsets, devices, and modems (GCF & PTCRB accreditation)
In addition, our RAN slice SLA assurance solution predicts performance and monitors changes in RAN parameters, proactively caring for RAN slices. Our traffic steering solution optimizes network and UE performance under different RAN deployment configurations, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.

Supercharge Your 5G Experience.

By partnering with us, businesses can achieve a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), including network outage costs, improved service delivery speed, reduced time to market, and a streamlined application experience. Additional benefits include:

  • Research and Development: Our Innovation Center facilitates cutting-edge research and development, enabling the development of groundbreaking 5G technology solutions.
  • Testing and Prototyping: We provide a controlled environment for testing and prototyping, ensuring the reliability and performance of 5G networks and devices.
  • Customized Solutions: Our Innovation Center offers customized solutions tailored to meet businesses’ unique needs and requirements, enabling them to leverage the full potential of 5G technology.
  • Consultancy Services: Our team of experts provides consultancy services, offering valuable insights and guidance to enterprises seeking to implement 5G technology effectively.
  • Education and Training: We offer education and training programs to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of 5G technology and maximize its benefits.

Unleash the power of intelligent and sustainable 5G solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your business needs.

In addition to 5G services, Wipro's Tarang Lab offers:

  • Wi-Fi certification
  • Bluetooth qualification
  • Achilles certification
  • Wi-Fi OTA testing

Rich Partner Ecosystem:

Partner with our extensive network of OEMs, hyperscalers, equipment providers, network operators, and silicon leaders for access to the latest advancements and expertise.

Our innovation center is GCF and PTCRB™ accredited.

A Platform-Centric Approach to Digitalization

Today’s digital complexity requires intelligent, centralized deployment and monitoring.

Embracing Network Digital Twins in the 5G Era

In the rapidly evolving world of networking, the emergence of network digital twins has brought about a paradigm shift.

Wipro Launches 5G Network Testing Center in Austin, Texas

Wipro’s first testing facility in the U.S., the Center will offer clients advanced 5G testing capabilities as well as mission-critical support

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