October | 2020

Accelerating autonomous driving through simulation & testing



Environment Generation

  • Capable of simulating environment of city or highways manually as well as using OSM (Open Street Map) data.

Environmental and Surrounding Dynamics

  • Different weather conditions such as rainy, cloudy, sunny, foggy, snowy, etc.
  • Different time of day such as early morning, noon, evening, night, etc. where the sunlight and street light adjust according to time of day.
  • Simulates acoustic effects

Vehicle Model

  • Simulator is capable of using high-fidelity vehicle model, which allows user to configure different vehicle parameters related to engine, steering, clutch, gear, wheels, etc.
  • Vehicle model showcases different realistic characteristics like
    - Wiper operation is linked to weather conditions
    - Automatically switch on or off headlights and indicator lights depending on weather conditions and vehicle controls.
  • Plug in to third-party vehicles and vehicle dynamics models using FMI/FMU.

Sensor Model

  • All types of sensors can be configured i.e. Camera, RADAR, LIDAR, and Ultrasound.
  • Allow user to configure different intrinsic and extrinsic sensor parameters.
  • Allows incorporating different sensor models and effects such as Fisheye effect for camera.

Scenario Generation

  • Simulator can generate different real-life traffic scenarios.
  • Traffic scenarios can be stochastic including multimodal (2-, 3-, 4-Wheelers, Pedestrians, Animals, Static objects, etc.) and multi-density (Heavy / Medium / Light) options.


  • Capable of V2X Communication
  • Open standard compliant
  • Seamless SIL/HIL integration
  • Virtual data generation
  • Record and Replay
  • Report Generation
  • Easily Scalable

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