Located in São Paulo, Wipro-AWS Launch Pad Brazil is an immersive environment for customers from all industries to collaborate with Wipro and AWS to envision and accelerate the cloud transformation journey.

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Wipro-AWS Launch Pad Center Brazil

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Wipro + AWS
After the success of Bangalore and Sydney Wipro and AWS bring #Cloud innovation to Brazil.
Being the 3rd in the world, Wipro-AWS Launchpad Brazil works as multi-disciplinary hub with an immersive environment where customers from many industries experience the future, fueled by Wipro and Amazon Web Services (AWS) expertise.

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The Cloud migration re-imagined

Wipro-AWS Launchpad Brazil use an integrated approach to increase the success and efficiency of enterprise cloud adoption delivering:


Combining powerful solutions with industry best practices, we reduce risk and increase reliability throughout your cloud migration.


Our subject matter experts make it easier to migrate complex workloads to the cloud, accelerating enterprise digital transformations.


We leverage automation, economies of scale, and comprehensive digital solutions to reduce cloud costs and increase sustainability.

Engineering innovative solutions

Six areas in which we engineer and showcase solutions at the Wipro - AWS Launch Pad:

Wipro-AWS Launch Pad Center Brazil

Wipro-AWS Launch Pad Center Brazil

Changing the Cloud Game: Wipro FullStride Cloud Services in Brazil

Our presence in Brazil has been confirmed with the multitude of transformational programs that have been successfully delivered over the years in both public and private sectors. For more than 15 years in the country we have contributed to a large number of consulting and IT transformations. Now Wipro go even further worldwide with 1 Billion USD Investment in Cloud in the next 3 years and Wipro FullStride Cloud Service that combine industry-leading cloud solutions with a high-touch, business-first approach to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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