Enterprises need to evolve from a legacy security approach

In today's dynamic cloud landscape, organizations must prioritize safeguarding the security and compliance of their cloud-hosted applications and workloads. Wipro’s CARG solution simplifies your cloud journey with dynamic security and compliance visualization capabilities.

Wipro CARG goes beyond traditional security measures. It seamlessly integrates with popular cloud hyperscalers, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Leveraging Wipro’s Common Cloud Controls Framework (C3F), it offers comprehensive application risk profiling, performs thorough control gap assessments, and provides strategic insights to ensure continuous compliance standards adherence.

With CARG, you get a comprehensive view of your single or multi-cloud environments. The solution offers a ‘single pane of glass’ view that combines the vital information you need to assess security threats, risks and compliance status. Wipro CARG continuously monitors and detects any risk-prone changes, providing you with real-time monitoring and remediation recommendations.

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Unified security and compliance adherence view across multi-cloud environments

Contextualized stakeholder reporting and role-based access control

Third-party integrations to provide contextual insights of cloud security risk

3 key benefits related to the solutions

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