As digital disruption and digital transformation accelerate, people remain at the heart of every successful organizational transformation journey. By combining technology expertise with a people-centric approach to transformation, Wipro Consulting helps clients enhance and evolve their capabilities to deliver positive business outcomes and drive growth.

Wipro Consulting's Talent & Change practice helps clients define and build a high-performing culture that can quickly pivot to new ways of working, while attracting, retaining and developing top talent and improving the employee experience.

Our solutions are underpinned by real-time analytics that help focus our activities, guide critical decisions, and measure outcomes. Meanwhile, our global network of highly skilled talent and change professionals, with an average of 15+ years of experience, provides the expertise, industry experience and localized knowledge necessary to manage any large-scale business transformation.

Workforce Transformation

Humans have an extraordinary ability to continuously adapt to changing environments and new discoveries.

Today, amid accelerating technological innovations market fluctuations, and sustainability demands, organizations need to build adaptability as a core strength that will allow them to continuously enhance, evolve and thrive.

This ever-evolving transformation process can seem both overwhelming and challenging. By guiding organizations through a clear, pragmatic and approachable step-by-step process, we can enable organizations to recognize early success, amplify their potential for transformation and meet the future head-on.  For us, this process begins with establishing a partnership model, working side-by-side with our clients to evolve their workforce capabilities.

Our Workforce Transformation team embeds collaboratively with organizations to understand their business landscape. Wipro works side-by-side with the team to explore their strategic vision. The level of alignment is examined at the executive, management and employee levels, with particular focus on specific business objectives (KPIs, OKRs, etc.) to ensure alignment with the future direction. We investigate the organizational culture (shapers and manifestations) to determine potential impacts and outcomes. 

Understanding each client’s unique landscape enables us to conduct a comprehensive marketplace and industry-specific assessment that accurately pinpoints the most impactful transformation opportunities. Together, once aligned on a transformation strategy, we work within targeted operational areas to determine competency gaps and upskilling/reskilling opportunities, then curate plans to ensure that team members receive the necessary training to become future-ready.

For those clients that want to look further into the future, Wipro provides a unique design thinking experience that envisions potential future outcomes, identifies pathways to ensure operational integrity, and converts those pathways into specific milestones with supporting interactions, activities and owners to achieve maximum value and people potential.

Our Workforce Transformation engagements are designed to:

  1. Enable a future-ready workforce that is poised to take advantage of emerging technologies
  2. Leverage workforce intelligence and analytics within a global data bank to both identify current market trends and skill gaps and forecast future skills needs
  3. Curate a better employee experience that builds psychological safety, growth mindsets and enhanced retention.
  4. Identify sustainable opportunities to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and mitigate systemic barriers limiting organizational evolution and relevance.
  5. Support organizational culture transformation by identifying and elevating norms, values and behaviors that empower great work; engaging employees; and eliminating factors that detract from peak organizational performance.
  6. Develop a 'right-fit' operating model and organization design that enables teams to pivot with agility in response to technology innovations and market advancements

Digital Change Adoption

Now more than ever, companies are under significant pressure to make transformational changes, not merely to reduce operating costs, but also to remain relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The simplification of enabling technologies has made it much easier for small, agile competitors to go head-to-head with large organizations. As such, well-established organizations, in particular, need to adopt new ways of working within a modernized technical landscape, and activate more streamlined operating models.

We help organizations identify opportunities to maximize the value of new digital ways of working by first ensuring successful adoption of technologies and optimized processes and then making sure that adoption translates into measurable business improvements and the achievement of overall goals and objectives.

Our Digital Change Adoption capability enables us to take an active role in transformation and implementation programs that focus on the human impact of new digital processes, roles, systems and behaviors, and that result in rapid and sustained adoption.

Our Organizational Change Management (OCM) framework creates a positive, forward-thinking transformation experience and supports both strategic and technical goals through the enablement of core behaviors. We approach change by:

  • Ensuring universal engagement from the outset by actively involving all employees throughout the journey – whether they be C-suite, mid/senior management, technologists, business operations or end users (direct or tangential).

    Embedding change thinking in everything we do, from design to build to delivery of solutions, ensuring that each cloud transition or change initiative delivers the maximum business benefit with speed and at scale.

    Encouraging technology teams to challenge traditional thinking by applying a design thinking approach to expose business problems and operational sentiments, while ensuring that disruptive cross-functional impacts are minimized or fully mitigated.

    Delivering an immediate positive impact by leveraging value realization frameworks that ensure joint business and IT ownership and goal alignment.

    Enabling seamless transitions and new implementations though a suite of change toolkits (including accelerators and digital assets) that accelerate and embed engagement and user adoption.

Additionally, we support the technology solutions and ensure that people want to – and are able to – adopt the new ways of working. During the change process, we focus on the employee experience specifically through:

  • Persona analysis for focused communications
  • Leadership and stakeholder alignment and feedback
  • Engaging new media communication
  • Skills and capability uplift to enable teams to deliver and sustain the change
  • Digital enabling tools to accelerate adoption 
  • Digital tools and accelerators that solve classic change management issues like ERP and managed services

Learning & Development Consulting Services

Wipro's Learning & Development (L&D) services leverage recent learning innovations as well as proven principles and methodologies to create custom solutions that enable clients to reap maximum benefits and achieve their objectives. Our approach aims to solve client issues and concerns swiftly while equipping their workforce to tackle future challenges more efficiently. From setting up L&D frameworks to transforming learning practices, we make constant improvement a part of the organization's DNA.

Our team of learning and development experts is focused on evangelizing the learning experience and ensuring the continuous development of employees by drawing on both technological and psychological assets to build a culture of learning.

We create value for our clients by:

  • Maximizing the business impacts of technology, process and strategy transformation, working hand-in-glove with business leaders to ensure that new learning journeys drive concrete business outcomes.  
  • Redesigning learning ecosystems that adapt to the client's evolving needs, strengths and objectives. Our agile approach responds to modern day learner preferences by drawing on both tried and tested learning models and innovative new learning solutions.
  • Utilizing our global partnership network to identify best-in-class learning solutions that increase user adoption and talent development.
  • Adopting technology-driven immersive learning experiences, including gamification, adaptive learning and business simulation.

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