Technology leaders face tremendous pressure to deliver new solutions that support business needs. Unfortunately, many organizations are saddled with legacy technology infrastructure and “keep the lights on” costs, making it onerous to build the business case for change. These leaders need solutions that address their current and future goals while optimizing costs.

CIO Advisory Services provides guidance and perspective to solve a CIO’s most pressing challenges. The growing global practice has more than a dozen highly experienced consulting partners exceeding collectively 150 years of relevant experience in multiple industries. This breadth of experience has helped CIOs address challenges such as cost containment, innovation enablement, rapid solution delivery, and operating efficiency improvements. Our growing practice has the capabilities, skills, knowledge and tools to offer sound advice and deliver value to our clients.

Wipro’s CIO Advisory Services team has a solid track record of outcomes. Our purpose-built accelerators expedite execution, and extensive methods provide clients with innovative solutions to solve their most pressing technology-related challenges. As a global organization, we bring a unique combination of domain experience, technology insight, partnership ecosystem and comprehensive offerings to deliver results anywhere in the world.

Drive Business IT Alignment

IT and business rarely align with their needs and delivered solutions. To make matters worse, often the CIO has no seat at the executive management table, yet technology and its use continue to be a differentiator that provide companies with a competitive edge. Technology organizations face pressure to deliver solutions faster and cheaper. Otherwise, the business will sidestep IT and self-procure  technology solutions, leading to fragmented data and operations.

CIOs need a better way to align business and IT.

Wipro helps CIOs create a strategic vision and provide the capabilities they need to achieve business IT alignment with the Board and the business. Our practitioners help businesses and IT jointly define their goals, desired outcomes and a roadmap to achieve success. With a solution set that includes Enterprise IT Strategy and Planning, Enterprise Business Architecture, and M&A Integration and Divestiture services, IT can demonstrate they understand the needs of the business today and the future and can deliver value-added solutions efficiently and economically. 

We help CIOs overcome these common perceptions:

  • IT is a cost center that may not understand business needs.
  • IT delivers costly and ineffective solutions.
  • IT takes too long to deliver solutions
  • IT is unable to support the business in M&A and Divestiture activity

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Transform IT Governance

CIOs must respond effectively to continuous change – M&A, divestiture, automation, technological advancements, rising costs and macroeconomic pressures. IT organizations are evolving. CIOs must address these challenges by revamping their operating models and organizational design to continue delivering rapidly, understanding business needs and providing the best technology solutions.

IT organizations need operating model transformation to deliver higher value and help the business maintain a competitive advantage.

Wipro helps CIOs respond effectively ​with solutions for IT Operating Models and IT Organization Re-design. The solutions assist the CIO to optimize their workforce and build an agile, efficient and forward-looking operating model that grows or shrinks to meet business needs. 

We help IT organizations overcome the challenges below:

  • Growing IT resource and labor costs
  • Widening skill gaps - IT personnel cannot refresh their skills fast enough to keep up with technological advancements
  • Inability to deliver innovative solutions quickly

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Simplify and Modernize IT Assets

IT organizations are dealing with simultaneous complex issues such as M&A, technology advancements, pressure to deliver quickly and economically, budgetary constraints and technical debt. These challenges have expanded the IT application portfolio unsystematically, making it more difficult and expensive to maintain. Further, many IT organizations rushed to migrate to the cloud and to modernize their IT environment. That adoption has resulted in burgeoning costs due to ungoverned and undisciplined rollouts. In short, application portfolios have become complicated which presents a challenge to adopt, deploy and leverage newer technologies, such as Generative AI, for productivity gains.

CIOs must reduce technical debt, reduce duplicity of capabilities and better manage the technology portfolio lifecycle.

Wipro gives CIOs the tools to simplify their technology environments, making it easy to modernize their technology assets. The offerings include Technology Portfolio Rationalization, Cloud Adoption Acceleration & Industry Cloud and Emerging IT Adoption. The solution allows IT to reduce technology sprawl, remove duplicity of capabilities, optimize their application portfolios and promote continuous improvement practices that optimize the tech portfolio.

Simplify & Modernize IT Assets helps IT organizations overcome these challenges:

  • Growing technical debt and technology costs
  • Inability to enable and leverage emerging technologies
  • Rising cloud costs and deceleration of cloud adoption
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Optimize IT Spend

Technology has continued to evolve, and organizations continue to allocate larger amounts of their organizational budget to technology spend. To boot, a large percentage of technology spend is on run activities versus deploying new capabilities. Technology and Finance leadership at best have fragmented visibility in their technology costs, and there’s no line of sight to the business value being delivered from those technology costs. 

The solution allows organizations to achieve visibility and insights into their technology spend, optimize run and change budgets, demand financial accountability for outcomes, provide an understanding of total costs of ownership (TCO) and support business decisioning based on the value delivered.

Optimize IT Spend offerings include IT Financial Management (TBM) and IT Cost Transparency and Optimization which help businesses overcome pressing challenges such as:

  • Lack of financial accountability and visibility of technology spend
  • Inability to optimize technology run and change budgets
  • No easy way to derive total cost of ownership and business value from technology spend

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