Get a handle on cloud costs by adopting a FinOps approach to ensure more responsible consumption of the cloud environment. 

Organizational strategies

IDevelop a clear strategy for budgets and policies around cloud usage to manage cloud costs.

Cost Management

Adopt tools for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing your costs.

Application business architectures

Implement well-architected services to not only ensure that cloud consumption is efficiently managed, but also effectively leveraged. 

Examine and reconstruct application architectures according to a “Design for Economics” principle to improve business value and outcomes. 

Automatic scaling & power scheduling

Scale up resources when needed and scale down when not, avoiding paying for maximum utilization, and schedule instances around usage patterns vs. 24/7 service. 

Discount instances

Achieve significant costs savings with the right approach to discount instances, using them for occasional instead of constant use for business-critical workloads.

News/Awards & Recognition

IDC Spotlight: Managed Multi-Cloud Services: Accelerating the Journey to Hybrid Cloud and Agile Business Operations

Wipro positioned as a Leader by Everest in System Integrator (SI) Capabilities on Microsoft Azure PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021

Wipro positioned as a Leader in System Integrator (SI) Capabilities on Amazon Web Services (AWS) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021

Wipro positioned as a Leader in Everest ‘System Integrator (SI) Capabilities on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021’

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