Wipro IT Modernization Consulting provides expert advice and services for clients looking to elevate their IT infrastructure, systems and processes. 

These services are vital for organizations needing to upgrade their technology landscape to support current and future business needs and to ensure the IT infrastructure is scalable, secure and aligned with the strategic business goals.

Our Offerings

IT Modernization

Defines the future state required to meet business objectives, solutions to bridge gaps, and an implementation roadmap.


Drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency and achieve growth in distributed hybrid cloud environments.

Network Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of network strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities to improve performance and security.

IoT & Edge Discovery

Co-creating clients’ visions for IoT and Edge with a clear roadmap for implementation.

Virtualdesk Consulting Services

Services to design, evaluate or implement virtual desktop solutions to enhance remote work capabilities and streamline management.

4 Ways To Maximize Cloud Investments While Keeping Innovation in Mind

The mantras for enterprises to maximize their cloud investments to foster continual innovation and pave the way for greater business value.

Cloud Conversations

Engage with our cloud experts as they share insights on new technologies, innovation and game changing solutions that are driving the more intelligent, hyperconnected cloud.

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