Capital market operations, inherently sensitive and complex, pose numerous challenges. These operations, involving capital exchange between investors and borrowers, are facilitated by financial intermediaries such as stock exchanges, investment banks, and brokerage firms. They are heavily regulated, and maintaining customer loyalty while optimizing costs is a significant challenge.

At Wipro, we’re revolutionizing capital markets operations. Our domain expertise spans the entire capital markets spectrum, supporting both buy-side and sell-side operations. We empower firms like Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Commercial Banking, and Stock Brokers to leverage innovation, technology, and data to navigate their complex operations, drive profitability, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our state-of-the-art digital solutions streamline and enhance financial services. We have a robust team of over 12,000 global subject matter experts supporting 20+ capital markets clients.

Wipro’s suite of services and platforms, including IQNxt, Heliocor, Xceptor, Traydstream, IntelliFee, and more, provide a comprehensive ecosystem for capital markets operations.

Pioneering Next-Gen Capital Markets Solutions

Agile, Scalable, and Client-Centric Operations

Empower Decision-Making with our Advanced Analytics and Visualization Tools, PowerBI and Tableau, for Insightful, Data-Driven Operations


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