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How a digital adoption platform helps
Lack of qualified and experienced staff

Features like self-help, task list, and pop-up can help newly onboarded users to learn in the workflow through engaging training content and knowledge-check quizzes.

Expected benefit – Proficiency improvement by 1.25X-1.35X

Changes in underlying application or process

Beacons and pop-ups can make users aware of any newly added feature or application upgrade. Also, the in-app guidance can help users complete each step of a process.

Expected benefit – Error reduction to up to 75%

Outdated SOPs

Interactive SOPs can guide users to complete the task step-by-step accurately. 

Expected benefit – Error reduction to up to 75%. Reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT)

Monitoring by quality analyst

This platform can monitor users in real-time to check if any user skips a step/field or overrides the instructions. As a result, the process manager/QA can immediately nudge the user to correct the error.

Expected benefit - Real-time monitoring

Heavy reliance on manual efforts

With a feature like Smart Tips, the platform can help the user correct input information, reducing the chances of errors. It can also have an auto-fill feature to input pre-defined standard or critical data in specific fields.

Expected benefit – 75% error reduction, improves user productivity by 25-37%

Legacy systems are complex. Expensive to upgrade.

This platform can run as an overlay on the underlying system and may not make changes or capture data from the underlying application. Moreover, the platform can work in an open ecosystem, which helps organizations seamlessly integrate their existing enterprise-level platforms.

Expected benefit – No replacement, upgrade, or customization of legacy systems, No data leakage

Time-consuming enterprise approvals

The platform can support cloud and on-premise deployment.

Users will require a browser extension to install third-party vendor applications, generally pushed automatically by IT. 

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